Teammate Says Lia Thomas Displays Male Genitalia in Locker Room

Your insults don’t sting, because they originate from ignorance and cowardice. There’s not a hint of truth in them. Intersex people have a Disorder of Sexual Development .

With all due respect to Brooke Forde for her hard work and spectacular achievements, i was a swimmer too and I do not consent to give up women’s swimming to men and consent is not transferable. Gender dysphoria is real, but the cause is not “being born in the wrong body,” and the appropriate treatment is not catering to the delusion and facilitating transition. Most importantly, the experiencing of gender dysphoria does not entitle anyone to live in a fantasy world, where everyone accepts and celebrates them and plays along with their delusions. No one us entitled to that, trans or no.

Or at least the competitive female athletics thing. People can have a lot of healthy fun by swimming, biking, running, etc. The obsession with the competitive aspect seems unnecessary. The commentator has said that he thought that Kevin Porter Jr. was actually the son of former NBA player Kevin Porter. This isn’t unreasonable since the accurate stereotype that particularly as time goes on, many athletes are sons of former athletes and black ones often have ‘Jr.’ appellations.

Causes no end of confusion to be using the same words for profoundly different categories. And there is no need for anyone to guess how “substantial an advantage” a transwoman might have. Fallon Fox, who had sex reassignment surgery at 31yo, fought Tamikka Brents in an MMA match. The fight was stopped by the referee in the first round, after a little more than two minutes.

Elite female swimmers tend to be not very booby; if they are to start with, they will have reductive mammoplasty. I guess Hennig’s surgery made her still less booby than that. I guess that extra bit of streamlining made the difference. Subtle streamlining matters in swimming, physically and psychologically. We used to shave our legs for the New England (men’s) championships.

I personally would call that trans people “trampling over the rights of others” a lot of others, but YMMV. As to whether ‘someone like Lia’ could or would seek to fight in the heavyweight division of boxing or MMA, I think you are wrong. Someone who has competed in the sport seriously but with relatively mediocre success as a man would be likely to have a substantial advantage if they subsequently identified as a woman and competed as such. If there is no upper size limit to the heavyweight division this advantage could be very significant.

Further, the dominance of a trans woman has been limited to instances where there’s little chance to earn substantial reward. The slippery slope argument fails to energize the people running these colby acceptance rate 2021 institutions because they don’t see it being radically disruptive. We would see a stronger reaction if a trans women started to take an ever growing share of the rewards from women’s competition.

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