Tahiti vs Bora Bora: Which Island is Ideal for a Honeymoon?

Travelers can find out more about Fiji’s history by visiting the Fiji Museum , which boasts a plethora of exhibitions on British colonialism, ancient tribal culture, and independence. Since the 1997 uprising, there have been several political issues within Fiji. The most recent problem was the 2009 constitutional crisis that eventually led to a stranglehold on international media, local press censorship, and internal migration. Two military coups were held during 1987, with the second resulting in civil upheaval.

In the Maldives, the high season runs December through April, and the rainy monsoon season is May-November. How about adding Fiji stopover to your Australia vacation or visiting Tahiti on your way to New Zealand? Would you like to combine Australia, New Zealand and Bora Bora in one trip?

The atmosphere on Bora Bora is very comfortable and relaxed, with a relatively calm nightlife. However, you will get a chance to immerse into a rich Polynesian culture. You can always travel to neighbouring islands if your vacation is long enough. Both islands belong to the same group how do you say hello in ghana of the Society Islands, French Polynesia. The only way to get there is through Papeete, so if you have fewer days for your honeymoon, it would be reasonable to stay on Tahiti. When you see where Tahiti and Bora Bora are located, you’ll understand why it’s so hard to get there.

That said, you’re not likely to find the waterslides and other trappings you might see in Mexico, Florida, the Caribbean or Hawaii. (Photo by Summer Hull/The Points Guy)What I liked about Bora Bora more than the Maldives was that it’s less isolated. While staying at the Park Hyatt Maldives, we were basically stuck on one private island with resort guests. At the Conrad Bora Bora, you could take an affordable boat transfer or water taxi into a real town very nearby.

You cannot simplify the culture because there is so much that you can learn from each one of them. If you want to explore the culture you better mingle with the local people. The traditional Fijian fire dance or kava ceremonies are the highlights.

They’ll be happy to serve you even if you’re not staying at their resort, and most will lay on a shuttle to make the round trip from wherever you’re staying. If you don’t fancy a full sit-down meal, a cheap and cheerful alternative is the roadside diners, known locally as roulottes. One we like is Aito Hot Dog, near Vaitape pier, which serves (massive!) hot dogs and possibly the best snow cones on the island. The Republic of Fiji is an archipelago country formed of more than 330 islands and over 500 islets, famous for rugged landscapes, palm-lined beaches and coral reefs with clear lagoons. Its two main islands are Vanua Levu and Viti Levu, the last of which is home to the capital city, Suva.

However, if you don’t mind spending a little more to enjoy one of the true wonders of nature with a little luxury and pampering, then Bora Bora is the right destination for you. Yet, since it’s very easy to get around in Bora Bora, you’ll get to enjoy all this variety in a shorter amount of time. The first thing you need to know about Fiji is that it’s not just an island.

The area is surrounded by lush greenery and stunning views of the island’s crystal clear waters. As a tropical island filled with gorgeous sights, Bora Bora has some of the best beaches in the world. Its pristine environment naturally makes for an outstanding setting for premium beaches. Each moment you spend on a beach here would feel like a moment spent in paradise. Riding a 4×4 to go all around Bora Bora guarantees a thrilling and exciting way to appreciate the view.

It is one of the few other spots where you can witness the beauty of traditional Dravidian engineering. The beautifully crafted carvings of gods came to this place from India, and the specialists who decorated this place with its vivid coat and breathtaking roof frescos were also from India. All of these things make this place a must-visit on a trip to Fiji Islands. As it’s more convenient to travel to a location that is closer to you, Bora Bora is an ideal travel destination for US citizens.

In terms of snorkeling, the sites in Fiji are world class, and from our experience they are slightly better than in Bora Bora. With their high verdant peaks and lush rainforests, you’d be right in thinking that both islands have their fair share of rain. For the past eleven years, blogger and traveler Inka Piegsa Quischotte has been documenting her adventures over at her blog GlamourGranny Travels. Inka loves to write about luxury and solo travel, mostly to places where the sun shines. She has lived in London, Miami, and Istanbul for several years, and now makes her home in Spain’s Costa Blanca. Fiji is one of the most developed economic regions of the Pacific, with the main source of income being tourism, forests, minerals, fish, and sugar cane.

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