This 51-year-old beautiful actress whose son is going to enlist in the military draws attention as she looks like shes in her 30s

Upon her recovery, Park returned to television in 2014 with The Story of Kang-goo. The actress admitted to having ‘special treatment’with her appearance after the filming was done. In 2012, Park Joo-mi continued acting, as well as taking care of her family, and she was offered a starring role in a drama based off a…

Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland: Viral dating joke explained

But oddly enough, Tom Holland was being mentioned and congratulated for being a father and having a baby with Nicki Minaj. But it was obviously not true and all just an inside joke shared between thousand of Tom Holland fans. Holland, who’s currently 24-years-old, certainly does not seem a likely match for the 37-year-old Minaj….