Swatter’s target Crossword Clue Answers

Automatic insect killer – it can be used manually and automatically. Very handy and compatible – extra-large surface area & comfort-grip handle for maximum efficiency

It has also been observed that there is a need to combine grasping and disposing articles with a conventional fly swatter such that both commonly used devices are combined into a common apparatus. No. 6,185,862, also issued in the name of Nelson, describes a device similar to that mentioned in U.S. No. 6,651,379 and attachable to an elongated rod such as a fly swatter.

Our previous pick, the Enoz Fly Swatter, had a nice snap, but the wire head on ours quickly deformed after only a few swats. Enoz also makes the Sergeant Swat, an overbuilt swatter that was so stiff and bulky, it dented a wood coffee table with our first swat. The Hope swatter not only looks good but also gives us the comfort of a lifetime tool. Even with something as mundane and unpleasant as a flyswatter, knowing that we won’t have to think about purchasing another one for years and years eases the mind. Lastly, we have to admit we feel a little classier crushing flies with a swatch of leather than with a piece of plastic.

The head portion 20 is essentially a plastic injection-molded device formed as a mesh 22. On one side of the head portion 20 is a stack 27 of singularly disposed double-sided adhesive sheets 24. 1 and 2, views of the system 10 and an elongate handle portion 15 of the present invention is disclosed according to the preferred embodiment of the invention. The elongate handle portion 15 comprises a lightweight, solid, and sturdy ergonomic design formed in a long, narrow, and thin shape with a rounded bottom end and an opposite flared neck end 12. The rounded end has mounting means 11 formed therethrough, illustrated as such in FIGS. 1 and 2 as a hole for receiving a nail, hook, or other such device to hang and store the system 10.

We also didn’t like how much attention the light brought to the fly-covered sticky paper. We have to wonder if this is the same “Bug Light” handling the flies at the White House. The other flyswatters we tested were either shorter, flimsier feeling, or more expensive yet not capable of swatting any better. As Dickinson told us, swatting a fly is more about technique than the tool you’re using, so if you already have a flyswatter you like, you may as well stick with it.

However, the electric fly swatter is a serious liability if you are trying to aim. It can be hard to use in tight quarters and it can be difficult to aim. In addition to those contigo water bottle lid replacement two swatters, we looked at the Jiemei Fly Swatter, which was especially inexpensive and felt flimsy and plastic. The Smart Swatter is shorter than the Pic by nearly 3 inches.

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