Study Abroad Scholarships & Grants to Apply for in 2023

Writing for us will give your blogging career a professional boost and establish you as a familiar person in the writing community. You are welcome to give us any original and fresh content related to educational themes, careers, degrees, scholarships, research, teaching methods, universities overseas, and other educational matters. You can write for us education blogs if you wish to display your intelligent educational research work. If so, then you should consider writing for education exam professionals.

The cost of education in both countries is far from cheap, but the cost of an education in the United States is generally higher. According to a law passed in 2012, universities in England may charge up to £9000 (approximately $14,300) per year. Of course, this applies only to citizens of the UK and the EU, not international students. The government sets the limits for tuition fees, and each individual school sets its own fee up to that limit. Most universities in the US begin their terms in mid to late August, although smaller liberal arts colleges may start later.

Our readers are university students, job seekers, aspiring entrepreneurs. Ask your study abroad advisor if there are any scholarships specific to your major. Latin America blends European charm and American cultural heritage — whether you choose to study in Central or South America, you’re sure to find a destination that calls to you. Seamester offers a number of Financial Aid and Scholarship options available for those looking toward funding to make their experience possible.

Meet students from all over the world and take the opportunity to build relationships that may last a lifetime. Please send us a link to your portfolio of articles, relevant posts, or even your blog so we can see examples of your work. A portfolio site is extremely helpful both to help you market yourselves as travel writers and for all publishers evaluating your work, and will increase your chances of publication since we can see your work at a glance. Among the most noticeable features about current global travel trends are both the age and the sheer numbers of mature men and women taking active, adventurous vacations with a healthy learning and service focus. Whether short-term vacations or retirement sojourns, Senior Travel Editor Alison Gardner is looking for 50 to 80-year-olds to write about ecological, educational, cultural, and volunteer travel.


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Whatever the case may be, start your research about what scholarships are available for your choice of university. If so, look for a place that offers unique part-time opportunities to students. We welcome diverse and engaging opinion in any of these topics. Feel free to write in your unique voice as long as you engage our audience. Because the US system emphasizes breadth, courses require weekly or even biweekly readings as well as other assignments such as small writing projects, major research papers, and oral presentations throughout the course.

We have provided very detailed guidelines for a variety of topics to help you with your submission. Transitions Abroad was a magazine ahead of its time and has been cited as a source of inspiration for many other websites, blogs, and other print media since. Send in your completed, ready-to-publish article Postas subject of the email. Point of emphasis – we would not accept culled articles or articles you’ve submitted elsewhere; all articles must be written for Edusportal.

It goes beyond conventional tourism to the deeper experience that makes travel exciting, enriching, and educational… Travel that includes immersion in another culture by living, working, studying (or playing!) alongside your hosts. This section focuses on interaction with local people and cultures and the avoidance of superficial tourist routines. Travelers of all ages are invited to share their experiences, as the passion for travel and the desire to learn has no age limits. Striking a balance between practical and inspirational travel writing is preferred. We believe in teamwork and welcome writers, professionals and authors knowledgeable in their fields and area of interest to contribute to our community of readers by submitting articles/guest posts.

If you decide to live in an apartment, you will also need to pay for tenant’s insurance as well as additional utility costs like power, internet, and water use. Some eligibility criteria would include educational qualifications, financial requirements, research needs, and other factors. Take this opportunity to travel the world with no commitments but to study and learn about new cultures.

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