Strike Zone Pro ® for Wiffle ball and Blitzball Black Vinyl

The game has enjoyed increasing popularity since its first patent sale of the patented product in 1959, and is now being enjoyed in competitive organized leagues . With the difficulty of coordinating 9 players per team, totaling 18, for each game, baseball and softball games have become increasingly challenging to coordinate during these social times to a designated time where all 18 players can attend. Therefore, WIFFLE® ball provides an alternative, offering the simulation of a baseball game in a more accessible format with fewer necessary players. These prior inventions are made with sturdier and heavier components specifically designed for use with baseballs rather than WIFFLE® balls or other plastic baseballs.

The classic galvanized steel backstop creates the exciting TING! The Strike Zone Pro Wiffle Ball and Blitzball Strike Zone Target is fully assembled and includes a storage box. STRIKE ZONE PRO is the #1 strike zone for Wiffle Ball and Blitzball leagues and tournaments across the USA since 2014. HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE strike zone that can be positioned 15” or 20” above the ground The lower height is ideal for younger ballplayers and the 20” height is spot on for teens and adults. DURABLE, PORTABLE, HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS – Made of solid color PVC with a galvanized steel plate (or heavy-duty vinyl) The classic galvanized steel backstop creates the exciting TING!

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REGULATION GAME – If the game is called it is a REGULATION GAME if five innings have been completed and either team has the lead. The BACKSTOP shall be located 3 ft. directly behind home plate. The STRIKE ZONE, cut out of the backstop shall be 22″ wide by 30″ tall, and start 12″ off the ground.

A called strike means that the batter did not swing at the pitch and that it was in the strike zone. An swung-at strike means that the batter did swing at the pitch and it was in the strike zone. Top-of-the-line professional grade wiffle and blitzball strike zone backstop. Made of high-grade solid color PVC with a Blue Vinyl backstop.

The distance from home plate to the base of the center field fence shall be no less than 95 ft., nor greater than 125 ft. A good rule of thumb is to make the strike zone about the size of a small dinner plate. This will give you plenty of room to work with and should be more than enough to get the job done. The tee is easy to set up and take down, so you can practice anywhere.

Further in fully-assembled form, the collapsible and coilable frame member and backstop is semi-elliptical and semi-rectangular in shape in a size suitable to serve as a backstop and strikezone for WIFFLE® ball games. When WiffleNet is collapsed, the coilable member forms overlapping loops over itself to minimize its shape for portability purposes. The coilable member has two ends to form a cuban cafe con leche closed loop , which is enclosed in a cylindrical shell containing the coilable member which permits it to axially rotate. The frame is preferably formed with a single 360-degree twist, particularly when it is formed from a flat stock. The coilable member can form overlapping loops by a slight manual enforcement thereon when the support means is detached for disassembly of the WiffleNet.

Once the paint has dried, use the zip ties to attach the metal or aluminum sheet to the inside of the strike zone frame. The zip ties will go through the holes in the sheet and around the PVC pipe. A defensive player shall not engage in any action or movement with the intent to distract the batter.

At the 2022 MLW Valley Wiffs Tournament, held in Mesa, Arizona, in January 2022, tourney rules state that the strike zone should start 15″ off the ground. Of course, dimensions can vary depending on the ages of the players. For example, a child’s strike zone might start closer to the ground. The Wiffle Ball strike zone should be positioned 3 feet behind the batter’s box. B) The device of claim 1 reduces and minimizes the retrieval time of pitched WIFFLE® balls, which either enters the strikezone aperture to funnel in a ball reservoir or hits backstop and stops in front of it, by the batter. Referring to the drawings, an embodiment of the WiffleNet according to the present invention comprises of an elliptical-shaped synthetic fabric with a flat backstop that contains a strikezone aperture embedded therein.

The tee is made of sturdy materials, and is easily assembled. It is also lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Looking to add a little more excitement to your Wiffle ball game? Look no further than the Xtra Fielder Pro Strike Zone net with Wiffle Ball and PVC stand! This all-in-one design acts as an umpire, catcher and backstop, so you can focus on playing the game and not arguing over balls and strikes. The Xtra Fielder Pro Strike Zone is made in the USA and includes an Official Wiffle Ball Brand Ball and Bat Set.

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