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They extended their morning hours from 7 am to 6 am, and closed at 10 pm. They scheduled me to close and then open the next day a few times before I quit. The nature of night shift tasks makes it likely that employees will stay after 10, sometimes even to 11 if short-staffed. This gives 7 hours between shifts, which is not legal to my understanding. The managers are also completely inept and unaware of how their stores actually function. Whenever they would drop in for the day, they would reprimand employees for doing certain things even though it was part of our job.

All suites have natural light, air conditioning and heated, epoxy coated floors for warmth in the cold months and easy cleaning / disinfecting. If a dog has special needs, such as a special diet or medications, a technician makes sure those needs are met. Handlers document information on the dog’s chart, including amount of food given, time medications were administered, and other pertinent information. Here are some companies in the same or similar industry as Stone Mountain Pet Lodge. Select a company name to explore and learn more about other companies across the industry and to compare their hourly average salaries with Stone Mountain Pet Lodge.

We offer quality care and treat pets like the important members of the family they are. Our focus is on the safety, care, and comfort of dogs and cats staying with us. The Stone Mountain Pet Lodge opens up their pawtastic indoor play space to the public during the winter months up to March on Sundays from 1 PM to 4 PM.

I would’ve never left if it weren’t for how management and the owners treated their employees. We did not have a life and we could not take more than 2 days off per month otherwise they would cut our hours. Management did not listen to their employees and did not staff the departments well.

While your cats are lodging with us they will stay at Whisker Ridge. This peaceful haven includes cat condos as well as our penthouse suites, complete with a cozy chair to curl up on and perches to look out the windows. They can also stay and play in our play area, which is filled with cat-oriented toys.

We are excited to offer a variety of training classes to help enhance and develop that important relationship! We understand that different types of pet businesses have different focuses and operating equipment requirements. Regardless of the user, Stone Mountain Pet Products delivers what you need.

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge pays an average hourly rate of $54 and hourly wages range from a low of $48 to a high of $62. Individual pay rates will, of course, vary depending on the job, department, location, as well as the individual skills and education of each employee. As with any dog park, all dogs who would like to play here should be well-behaved and not aggressive.

This caused a lot of distress for employees and the animals in our care. What I am grateful for is the pay, raise opportunities, getting trained in all departments, and getting promoted to a Lead position after 3 months of working there. While I did really enjoy the job itself and made some great friends in the bang shack net worth my coworkers, management and the ownership completely ruined this job for me. Bottom line is that they do not appreciate how hard their staff works for them. During high volume holidays ownership intentionally overbooks the facility and put dogs into small wire crates scattered throughout the building.

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