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And you can still delete it immediately if you want so it’s not in breach of any laws. Like most computer warnings it was overly generic, it warned there are potential consequences, but never warned of the actual consequences. If the warning had said hey this is going to effect 55K stars and watchers, he would have known he was in the wrong spot.

Tools for Open Source Software to make running your open source project a little bit easier. Software Defined Radio Interested in Software for Wireless Communications? Programming languages A list of programming languages that are actively developed on GitHub. Great for new contributors These projects have a history and reputation for being welcoming to new … ROpenSci build software in R to make the accessing, visualizing and sharing research data more straightforward.

Ammonite-REPL lets you interrupt the thread, stop the runaway-command and keep going. If you’re dealing with large blobs of data that you want to dig through manually, you might normally format it nicely, write it to a file, and open it in vim or less or an editor such as Sublime Text. Browse makes that process quick and convenient. You can use the Up and Down arrows to navigate between lines within your snippet. Enter executes the code only when you’re on the last line of a multi-line snippet, meaning you can take your time, space out your code nicely, and fix any mistakes anywhere in your snippet. History is multi-line too, meaning re-running a multi-line snippet is trivial, even with tweaks.

Before starting with building our own pipeline, it good to be familiar with some of the terminologies that will be used. Similarly with CircleCI you can either do CI or CD but not both at the same time. And if you are using Bitbucket as your version control you can also try using that for your CI/CD platform.

That would break billions of scripts and confuse the hell out of hundreds of thousands or millions of users. Especially seems unnecessary since most distros ship an alias that makes the default `rm` command run with the `-I` or `-i` command. So, displaying an additional or more explicit warning that mentions stars and watchers makes sense. Sure, it would be nice to highlight the most destructive of actions, but they already had to type out full project path as confirmation.

If you want to change its form, you are invited as well – but then create your fork (and I would be happy to hear about it!). The easiest way is to edit this file, commit and create a Pull Request. Players build underwater creatures and get them to move by weaving neurons into a simple brain. Sign up for free Get involved with these projects and more. Resources to get started with Software Carpentry Bootcamps. In 2012 researchers at CERN discovered the Higgs Boson, the elementary particle responsible for particles having mass.

Web Applications Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for power users of web applications. You need to install Hugo in your local machine and use that to create a site. Please take a look at the official documentation on how to do that. When someone deactivates their account, you can see that you have X additional likes, but you can’t access them. If that user reactivates their account, those likes suddenly show back up. Perhaps 1-2 weeks of warning before a full delete of stars would be desirable for any repo with over 1k stars.

If you wanted to scrape headlines off some news-site or scrape video game reviews off of some gaming site, you don’t need to worry about setting up a project and installing libraries and all that stuff. You can simply load libraries like Jsoup right into the Ammonite REPL, copy some example from their website, and start scraping useful information in less than a minute. If you want code to be loaded before you run any script, you can place it in ~/.ammonite/ This is distinct from the REPL pre-defined code which lives in ~/.ammonite/

Anyway, you might want the commands regardless. Learning git in the terminal or via a GUI will pay dividends. You can authorize deploy keys on a repo basis, which then can be allowed to push into exactly the repo they need to. This can be used totally science github by external services/gh-actions to rollout/deploy. Now you have everything in GitHub, so you do not need to come back to your local machine and use CLI to push changes. Use the web interface, and GitHub actions will take care of the rest.

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