Stanley furniture Young America Bunk Beds W Trundle

I recommend you go and see it yourself in person if you can. I did look at which crate and barrel owns and I loved a set I saw online, but I could not see it in person so I did not go with them. The drawers open and shut easily on the dresser which was my biggest concern, I have noticed lots of dressers seem to have sticky drawers nowdays.

Avoid placing items like burning candles or irons on any furniture as the heat generated from them may affect the life of your furniture in the long run, make use of candle holders to avoid melting wax touching the furniture. The Primary material is the main material used to manufacture the product and in addition to the primary material there might also be other type of materials used in the manufacturing of the product. Ths Study table has 3 drawers, 3 open shelves & 2 Shelves with door. How well retailers adjust depends largely on how much of the product they carried. Mory Moshtaghi, owner of youth furniture specialist Children’s Land in San Diego, has sold the line about 10 years and today devotes about 2,000 square feet of his 9,000-square-foot showroom to Young America.

Ok, now that I have read much negative is there any positive people out there. I don’t think Stanley is the best, but to be honest I haven’t seen any “great” made items either and I don’t think there that bad. The rest of my daughters furniture is Morgeau – Lepine which is now out of business. It’s Ok but before we had central air conditioning my furniture draws were vevy difficult to open in the summer days. My son has Pali which was expensive, but after 2 yrs the set was discontinued but it still looks great . Here is a post about my furniture coming so damaged from China that was supposed to be a quality bedroom set from Stanley Furniture.

I am not happy with my Stanley young america bed that I purchased for my daughter 3 years ago. I paid close to $900 for it, and the post which holds the finial on the footboard cracked when we took it apart during a move. I contacted the company and they were of no help because it had been more than a year from purchase, they told us to call the vendor we bought it from. Jyyanks, maybe the retail store you dealt with had higher standards than mine and made sure only matching pieces that were not damaged came to you so I am happy for you. Also I think about 20% of Stanley’s furniture is still made in the USA .

The time I spent getting so upset had me miss seeing my father and then the car accident came one week before he passed away in August 2007. I will never buy any furniture made in China again after this awful experience of mine. You want your child to have an area that makes studying easy. With a Young America pottery barn gamer chair desk and chair, you give them a place to learn and grow. Best of all, the pieces are designed to fit in a full bedroom, taking up minimal space. While most youth furniture is built to last only until it’s outgrown, Young America is Stanley kids furniture and Stanley baby furniture that is built to fit.

About 400 employees at the Robbinsville plant are facing layoffs. But he said he is prepared to deal with the loss of the line by looking to other suppliers in the youth furniture segment. Young America’s relationship with Mod Mom Furniture owner Kiersten Hathcock also will end.

Bunk beds ,two side tables and 2 dressers by Young America brand made by Stanley Furniture Company, USA. Beautiful solid wood high quality white French Provincial bedroom set can be used as … Beautiful solid wood high quality white French Provincial bedroom set for sale. Includes bed , dresser, hutch, bookcase and glass display cabinet. I really loved the Stanley set’s style and the color of the bureau but not the color of the chest of drawers that did not match. I have purchased 2 Stanley YA bedroom sets for my boys, and have had no issues.

We bought Stanleys YA Cottage Treasures collection for my daughter 11 years ago, then added the desk & hutch about 5 years later. The pine wood is very soft and scratches/dents easily. I have been very disappointed in the drawer slide quality. They originally sent me several replacement parts but since then one more broke. We do not play in our rooms and when they were little they really never went in their drawers, I pull out and put away their clothes.

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