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Cut loaves in half lengthwise and frost as a two-layer cake, if desired. Otherwise, just frost the top of each layer. Dad and I would hunt down the bulk Brach’s candy display, put some pocket change in the box, and enjoy a piece or two of our favorite sweet treats from the choices available. roscon de reyes en miami Now, in those days, the grocery store seemed like an endless wonderland to a coalcracker kid, but it pales in comparison in size and stock to the markets of today. But looking back, it provided just about everything we needed during life in the 60’s and 70’s in small-town Pennsylvania.

My sister made Lazy Daisy cake frequently– boiled frosting you put on warm -but I never cared for it much. My uncle thought the frosting on the stove was gravy and put it on his potatoes. I liked the spanish bar as it had lots of moist raisins and the frosting was moist and not too sweet. It seems I had some not too long ago but can’t remember where. Dark chocolate is produced by adding fat and sugar to the cocoa mixture.

Content other than actual recipes on this site is copyrighted material. DO NOT publish, or reproduce this original content anywhere, in any manner, without express written permission. As each person has said it is the memories. I am gluten free and am going to try this recipe with my gluten free flour.

Loved this cake just like everyone else. I can’t believe that in a flash I had an answer for you. The trade name was Ann or Anne Page (A & P). I wish I did have the coconut cake recipe; alas, I never tried it!! Let us know if you come across one.

But, for now, you’ll have to order the cake online from Chris sent my brother and me some small samples of the cake many months back. Then, just a week or so ago, he sent us both one of the Spanish Bar Cakes to enjoy and for me to review here on Taste of Southern.

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