SOS: SZA Confirms Plastic Surgery Rumors On New Album, Sending Fans Into A Frenzy: ‘It Looks Natural, It’s Not’

Let’s dig a little further and learn more about the musician’s weight loss journey. Even so, there are tweets and posts going around that say sza weight SZA’s changes over the years were not natural and that she had plastic surgery. As a result, she put out two EPs and started to get noticed.

Before SZA lost weight, I actually thought she had bigger boobs. The singer actually has a really cute nose and she has kept it that way. Yes, she does so if anyone tells me that SZA has never had plastic surgery, I probably wouldn’t believe them. Listeners are obsessed with every song on the album but it’s a line in ‘SOS’ that’s really captured the internet’s attention.

People look to her for inspiration not only because she is a good artist and pretty, but also because of how inspiring her journey to lose weight has been. They try to live according to SZA’s plan for losing weight. She gave her early songs to TDE’s president, Mr. Torrence Henderson, and he was blown away by how good they were. I’m a travel enthusiast, a movie buff and a cricket fan all wrapped in one.

Naturally, then, the singer has dealt with rumors about her getting A Brazilian butt lift and other sorts of plastic surgery for years. Now, it appears she’s addressed all the talk on her just-released new album, S.O.S.. The artist never directly addressed these rumors, but fans find it interesting that she has since deleted photos that news outlets were using to show she may have had plastic surgery. In 2018, for example, a picture of her being honored by the City of Hope made it look like she had a nose job. This would explain why her face appears to be smaller. In a 2017 interview, she discussed her weight loss while defending Kendrick Lamar‘s controversial stretch mark lyrics.

In his hit song, “Humble,” the rapper sings how sick and tired he is of Photoshop and tells people to show natural skin with stretch marks. SZA has been very honest about her journey to lose weight, but she has never said if she had plastic surgery or not. In 2017, SZA released her debut album, “Ctrl,” which earned her a bunch of positive reviews and even more recognition. It debuted at No. 3 on the US Billboard 200 and was also certified platinum. It was even named the best album of 2017 by Time magazine. And around this time, the artist started to look quite different.

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