Softball: Slow Pitch vs the Fast Pitch

Before, this amount was calculated manually, but these days it is done using radar guns. Sometimes, multiple radar guns are used at the same time to corroborate the results. The fastest softball pitch in a major league thrown by a man is recorded at 103 miles per hour.

~Keep in mind that a 74 MPH pitch at 43 feet is well over the equivalent of a 100 MPH baseball pitch that’s thrown from 60 feet away. Well… balanced strength training and structured weekly pitching reps will help accelerate speed increases organically. I’ve had pitchers jump from low-50s to high-50 MPH at age 14, 15, & 16 years old just by tweaking mechanics, or utilizing them better anyway. Otherwise, plyo balls for pitching girls typically will be able to add 1 – 2 MPH per year naturally when built on top of a sound mechanical foundation. The World Cup of Softball was later established as one of the premier events for the sport of softball. At the second World Cup of Softball, the attendance record was broken and the television ratings were higher than in any previous US Softball event on ESPN and ESPN2.

Someone you know just joined the volleyball team, and their first game is coming up. You’d love to go and support them, but with a busy schedule, you don’t know if you can make it. Girls need to use their legs or their not maximizing their speed potential. Isometric core strength training workouts always help with speed and physical balance too. Many countries have expressed interest in the addition of softball especially to the Olympic games, with collegiate softball and semi-professional games growing.

Therefore I have created the chart on this page to be a helpful guide or an indicator of solid, safe mechanics mostly. From my experience giving pitching lessons to girls from 8 – 23 years old, if your mechanics are efficient and correct, you will ultimately fall into the range of pitching speed averages listed below. Only a handful of pitchers make it to the WCWS in their lifetime. Before the 1996 Summer Olympics, the USA Softball National Team Selection Committee was established to make the final cuts for the team that would represent the US at every international competition. The selected 1996 United States softball team won the olympic gold medal with a 3–0 victory over China in the 1996 games. The release is one of the most important motions for the effectiveness of the pitch.

The United States women’s national softball team won three consecutive gold medals at the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Summer Olympic Games. In the 2008 olympic games, the gold medal was won by Japan after they defeated the United States. Softball was recognized as an official sport in the 2020 Summer Olympics. Japan won the gold medal, defeating the United States 2-0. In America, the ASA responded by developing a coaching pool consisting of the best coaches in the country along with a selection committee which would recruit the most talented US softball players. The selection committee was responsible for making the final cuts to decide which players would compete for the US team at all international competitions throughout the year.

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