SMITE 6 10 JUNGLE Tier List Tierlist

Barbed Spear applied anti healing for several seconds on any God hit with the ability. The Vent Anger ability is his big Rage spender, making him do AOE damage while increasing his movement speed. Cu uses this after engaging with his Salmon’s Leap or Furious Charge.

Here’s what you need to know about how to play the Jungle role in Smite. Unlike other Roles, teams depend on Solo to handle their Solo Lane alone as much as possible. Their balanced protections and damage output allow them to square off is modoloan legit with opposing Solos without many assistants. Theoretically, their versatile gameplay and damage options also mean they pack a punch in team fights. Support players should never get frustrated about their low to middle damage numbers.

They often pick off weaker opponents among the enemy team. Carries should identify whether their build for the match should revolve around penetration, attack speed, life steal, or power. Throughout the game make sure you get to your jungle camps in time, gank mid and solo lane as much as you can to get a experience advantage. Artio – the latest addition to the special support section, which is surprisingly played more as a sololaner. Artio has decent melee combat along with decent self and team healing her 1.

The Satyrs can pack a mean punch as their Summon Spirits ability allows the Satyr to summon up to four spirit assistants in combat. However, a Solo Laner who moves around the Satyr can easily fight these spirits off and finish the Satyr. The Mana Buff gives Solo Laners a heal of 20 Mana every five seconds, alongside a 10% CD reduction.

If they have an Eye of Providence, you can be assured that there are at least a few wards. Ganking is inherently risky; if you do not accomplish anything, you have wasted your time and are falling even further behind the rest of the team. However, you will not lose your temper or hamper their game.

Enemy solo laners will likely use their stuns to handle Wukkong well, making the monkey king one of the trickiest Gods to fight. Even getting him out of his ultimate isn’t presented without issues. Shifter’s Shield extends health regen, and items like Pridwen only inflate the shield’s status.

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