SimplyGram Offers Free Trial For Organic Instagram Growth

Also, you have to provide your card details just to sign up for the free trial, and we have seen, and been contacted, by worried users who are unable to cancel. Overall, we would recommend steering clear of SimplyGram, and use an alternative Instagram Growth Service instead. SimplyGram Instagram Growth follows a detailed process to make sure ensure that Instagram followers steadily increases with each new day. The first step is to provide us with a few Instagram accounts and hashtags that have followers that you would like to attract.

Kicksta knows what it takes to be authentic and bring in growth organically. Unlike SimplyGram, they refrain from posting comments or content on your behalf and don’t go around following hundreds of accounts or liking a thousand photos a day. That way, your professionalism online stays intact and you can grow followers naturally. They say that it is developed for personal accounts looking for experience when it comes to organic growth, and they also say that this comes with a free trial for three days.

The SimplyGram Instagram growth strategy is quite simple – engage with the right people. Our services are 100% authentic, and we have grown over 7,500 accounts using safe, genuine, and organic practices. Their website is a clone website with fake testimonials, overpriced plans and a lack of information. You even need to provide your card details when using a ‘free’ trial, which is very worrying.

Their 3-day free trial being one of them, but their lack of a dashboard and high prices didn’t quite make us feel as if it was worth it. They have been around in the industry since it first started up, which means they know a thing or two about what it takes to grow your Instagram account successfully. It’s hard to get all of your online marketing done on the budget that you have a lot of the time. There aren’t too many people out there that have a big budget that can be stretched if needed.

Your dedicated account manager will ensure that 100% of your new followers are highly targeted, niche specific, and likely to engage with your content. Here at Followerz Buzz, we have shadow accounts with all of the growth agencies listed on this website. This enables us to ascertain how many followers are gained and whether checkerboard pattern crochet bots are used – day to day. The chart to the right shows both the amount of bots AND real followers per day. Taking all of the above points into consideration, our final thoughts on SimplyGram are a bit of a mixed bag. This is, afterall, the only safe way of growing your Instagram currently, without doing it yourself.

This is why it’s necessary to determine how customer service and success are experienced in SimplyGram and Kicksta. This means that not only do you have expertise on your side, but you also have experience. They know this industry inside and out, which means that they know exactly what they need to offer you to grow your account successfully. Simplygram has three different price points for you to choose from, starting with their individual package, which is going to cost you $69 a week. They say that with this package, you can start attracting and targeting followers. If we take this service at face value, we will surely think it’s the ideal Instagram growth service.

It might be easier buying followers and quickly gaining some traction, however agencies might offer you a more sustained and reliable source of followers. Another reason you should 100% avoid using SimplyGram, is the overpriced plans, and outdated growth methods. We definitely advise against using SimplyGram, and giving your card details to a potentially unsafe service – make sure to use one of our reliable alternatives below instead. On Instagram, your followers make up the main part of your audience – and as your following increases, so too does the engagement on your posts. SimplyGram claim to be the ‘No.1 Organic Growth Service’, and promise to gain you 5000 followers every month. There are too many companies that we’ve reviewed out there that are legit, don’t pose as a scam, and care enough about their clients for you to be spending too much time with SimplyGram.

But with our services, as long as you can post high-quality, engaging content, clients typically gain 3,000 to 5,000 new followers per month. The unreliable activity that SimplyGram perpetuates through fake and duplicate accounts doesn’t guarantee any real, targeted followers for your profile. The results you’ll get from SimplyGram range from completely irrelevant fake and ghost followers, to blocks and bans of your actual Instagram profile for shady growth methods.

You can cancel your account with SimplyGram any time without penalty. There are many variables that affect growth which are out of our control. Wecan not guaranteeexact growth or specific number of followers to be gained.

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