Set Up Code Builder Salesforce for VSCode

Click Next and pass the credentials to allow the org to connect with the code builder. With Code Builder, you can work from anywhere. Bookmark your development environment is math often used in scripting or access the link from a different machine. If you’re into Salesforce development, there’s an alternative I want you to think about — an online code editor and IDE!

Yes I know, VS Code and my trusty terminal are on my second virtual desktop. But, there’s something that seems so easy about being able to launch the Dev Console from within the UI. I learned the hard way when I saw that I lost six minutes of eligible time. Code Builder will walk you through the steps needed to configure. You have the option to create a new project or import from Github.

Easily push your customizations to a shared source control repository for others to work on in Code Builder. Press Ctrl+Shift+P (⇧⌘P for Mac) to view the command palette. To view all available commands, or SFDX to view all the Salesforce DX commands. The command palette also gives you single-click access to our powerful DX tooling. Finally, since Code Builder is in Beta, there are a few important considerations.

Boost productivity with tools to extend your org with code and access modern DevOps workflows. Like we use to do it through Change Sets or ANT Migration Tools. We hope you liked this latest update on Salesforce products.

We are thrilled to introduce Code Builder, a web-based development environment fully optimized for Salesforce development and powered by Microsoft’s Visual Studio Codespaces. Code Builder is a full-featured version of Visual Studio Code running completely in the browser and backed by a powerful cloud-hosted developer environment. In just one click, you have a full environment without any setup or configuration. What’s really amazing about Code Builder is that it isn’t just a lightweight editor that runs in the browser – every instance of Code Builder is backed by its own powerful Virtual Machine.

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