Senapathi Movie 2021 Aha Video: Cast, Crew, Release Date, Roles, Real Names

Keeping him from being jaded is a kind-hearted warden who asks him to become a police officer to keep others like him from being mistreated by the system. Optimistic about bringing forth a change once he’s an IPS, Krishna loses his service revolver during a chase and his future is now in jeopardy. On the other end of the spectrum is Krishna Murthy , a much older man who has already been beaten by the system. He is the one who ends up with the missing revolver and what follows is a cat-and-mouse chase. An extra-marital affair is staged in an unapologetic and non-showy fashion.

Rajendra Prasad is the master piece of the movie, whose acting was just awesome as usual. Firstly, without some rare happenings coming together, the revolver wouldn’t fall into the hands of some characters. ipop reviews Then there is one killing after another, some of which are executed in an unlikely way. The film ends when both the characters reach a moral greyness and no one person is more right or wrong than the other.

It’s not just Krishna and Murthy who are explored well, Paramjyothi , who’s brought in to clean up the mess, a journalist called Satya , Murthy’s sidekicks Hussain , Raju – all get their due, so do others. However, the film fares best when it sticks to the crime part of it because barring one particular scene featuring Rajendra Prasad and Agastya, the emotional scenes get a little too much as the film progresses. Although not much is revealed in the visuals, the trailer provides a voice-over about the concept of good and evil. The web film, streaming on Aha, is a half-remake, half-adaptation of the Tamil-language crime thriller ‘8 Thottakkal’ .

He got suspended by his higher officers for missing his gun and he orders to find that gun as soon as possible. Krishna is a police officer who accidentally loses his service pistol while chasing a criminal. Eventually that pistol reaches a killer, putting the future of the police officer in jeopardy. The two actors together lead the film giving praiseworthy performances chasing each other. On the other hand, the overstretched emotions hamper the pace and spirit of watching an investigative crime thriller. The film begins with the tragic childhood story of the cop , narrated in black and white, which sets the mood for an intense thriller coming ahead.

Senapathi is the remake of the Tamil hit 8 Thottakkal. But director Pawan Sadineni worked on the script and has given his own spin to it. The film is a crime thriller and is started on a slow note.

The manner in which Harshvardhan investigates the case happens at leisure. Such scenes could have been reduced and the runtime would have been made crisp. Senapathi begins with the promise of an edge of the seat crime drama but gradually becomes an emotional tale. The emotional portions feel lengthy and stretched; had it been shorter, it would have added to the slow burn atmosphere of the crime drama.

A depressed and loyal policeman loses his gun to a killer, who kills people due the circumstances of his life. Write about topics that interest you – anything from movies to cricket, gadgets to startups. Unlike the Tamil original, ‘Senapathi’ doesn’t disturb us with needless songs. The romantic track between Krishna and Sathya is below-average. We’ve detected that JavaScript is disabled in this browser. Please enable JavaScript or switch to a supported browser to continue using

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