Sea Elf or Merfolk Miniature for Dungeons and Dragons

A group of aquatic elves fight two scrags while a dolphin watches. To conquer Serôs in the Eleventh Serôs War, also known as the New Aryselmalyr War. This war was prolonged by the powerful magical items that Nyratiis crafts for the leaders of the elves, but the elves were eventually defeated. The kingdom of Keryvyr was destroyed, and Nyratiis fled capture.

This particularly applied to tools, weapons, and other practical items. Any aquatic elf could take one of these items whenever it was needed and regardless of who had possessed it previously, although individuals were allowed to keep relatively private dwellings. Such communal ownership meant theft was almost unknown. The exceptions to this were monarchs, who often had large and elaborate homes with limited access and many personal items. However, aquatic elven rulers were a reflection of their people and usually remained rather generous. The freedom to borrow items at will was not extended to outsiders, and surfacers were often watched carefully to make sure they did not try to take advantage of the cultural practice.

The sun elves of Faerûn have bronze skin and hair of copper, black, or golden blond. Moon elves are much paler, with alabaster skin sometimes tinged with blue. They often have hair of silver-white, black, or blue, but various shades of blond, brown, and red are not uncommon. Began, viktor krum and hermione granger pitting the elves and the merfolk against the sahuagin of the eastern waters. The aquatic elves and other races ruthlessly hunted any remaining sahuagin, and by −8000 DR there were none to be found west of the wall. Clerical magic was much more common among aquatic elves.

The elves attempted to wage war on the genies, but their settlements were too deep for the elves to reach, making most attempts to quell them futile. The first aquatic elves came to Faerûn sometime after −25,400 DR, following the migration of the gold and silver elves from Faerie. This made them the last of the elven subraces to come Faerûn. They first appeared in the Great Sea, and rather than settling down they began a nomadic existence as they explored their new home.

It can use the run action while swimming, provided it swims in a straight line. As their name would suggest, sea elves are amphibious elves that are at home within hidden communities within the ocean and within the Elemental Plane of Water. Blue-skinned elves, this race has a deep-rooted mutual animosity with the Sahuagin. Throughout the history of the multiverse, it is said that sea elves have explored the seas of many Planes of reality. As a race native to forests, these creatures are known for their deft speed and their ability to blend in with the wilderness, utilizing natural camouflage. Wood elves’ skin tends to be copperish in hue, sometimes with traces of green.

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