Samsung ‘Harry Potter’ Easter Egg: Magic Spell Turns On Your Flashlights Hands-Free!

While “Nox,” on the other hand is the wand-extinguishing charm that snuffs out the light at the end of the spell caster’s wand. What if your photos could move, like they do in the wizarding world? Sure, you could grab one of those lame video photo frames, but if you’re not into that, check out Lifeprint, an augmented reality wizardry printer that actually prints 3-by-4.5 photos that come to life. Select a photo, video, or GIF on your phone, and hit print.

But the assistant that comes default on your device may not, necessarily, be the best assistant for you, and, like real life assistants, some are going to do a better job for you than others. I was less enthused by The Freestyle’s “ambient mode.” You can toss on the lid and turn it into a smart bulb or accent lighting, but I’m not sure why you’d want your $900 projector playing such an unglamorous role. There are also ambient screens and videos that you can project onto a wall — like a scenic window view or crackling fire — or others for specific occasions like a birthday or New Year’s Eve. But none of these are customizable; you can’t add someone’s name to the “Happy Birthday” banner, for example. They all come off feeling like random toss-ins that allow The Freestyle to have a place at depressing office parties or similar gatherings you’d rather avoid. Outside of the performance issues, I don’t mind The Freestyle’s software.

If you’re more into the wandless type of magic, this crazy Bluetooth ring will do the trick — you’ll still have to motion though, unless you’re as good as Tom Riddle or Dumbledore. There’s also this cheaper wand from The Noble Collection, which works with any IR remote control device — you can program your desired action attached to a left flick, right flick or a biiiiig swish. Want to talk over thousands of eager Quidditch fans at the World Cup? While you might not be able to point a wand at your throat like Dumbledore or Cornelius Fudge, you can use apps like Megaphone to turn your phone into a microphone. You just plug in your phone to speakers with a headphone jack , open the app and start talking.

The barrel-shaped hardware is exactly what you’d expect from Samsung and feels well made. I think The Freestyle has a good look to it, and it blends into rooms nicely. It also comes wrapped in a preinstalled, white silicone sleeve. Samsung sells other colors that you can swap between — this is a projector being marketed to Gen Z after all — and there’s also the $60 carrying case that inexplicably lacks anywhere to store the remote or wall plug. The silicone layer gives The Freestyle some added protection from scruffs if you toss it into a bag with other items, and I never saw any reason to remove it. Samsung’s Freestyle includes autofocus and auto-keystone correction features to keep its image sharp and unskewed.

Developers don’t need to integrate with Bixby’s commands in order to work. Instead, you have to learn what actions are called within apps. Pick which command you want to use from the list of recent commands, then record your personalized Quick Command. Open the Bixby home feed then tap on the menu button in the top-right corner followed by Voice Apps and Services.

Mr. Weasley’s Ford Anglia had a mind of its own when manipulated by the Whomping Willow, but it’s usually a pretty reliable flying car for the gang. Pottermore refers to cars as the “one major exception to the shailene woodley illness general magical aversion to muggle technology,” along with motorbikes and trains. While we’re still playing muggle quidditch on the shitty ground, perhaps one day we’ll get to a flying version of the sport.

According to the Facebook post, users simply need to hold the Home Button until Google pops up. Then they need to say the spell “Lumos” to turn on the flashlight. To turn it off, the user needs to say the counter-spell “Nox.” Whether you’re using Seamless, Grubhub, UberEats, Deliveroo, Foodora, Postmates, Doordash, Yelp Eat 24, Foodler, or another food delivery service, we’re in an age where “accio burger” is a legitimate and achievable magic trick. Rowling’s magic into your life, from illumination charms to working wands. As fellow British writer Arthur C. Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Do I think there is a place for more than one digital assistant? In reality, I have Google Assistant installed on all of my iOS devices, and I have Cortana installed on my Moto. Each serves their own purposes on their respective devices. Obviously, Siri is a non-contender when it comes to Android. The only app Apple has ported to their competitor is Apple Music.

I’m not sure whether it’s a case of the projector being too front-heavy or the plastic screws being too weak to keep it locked at all angles. You can tighten them with a flathead screwdriver or a coin to alleviate this problem, but Samsung cautions against over-tightening, and I’ve seen a few mentions of cracked screws in some Freestyle customer reviews. This sagging issue isn’t a frequent hassle, but it’s very annoying when it happens and not at all what I’d expect from a $900 projector.

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