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All definitions are approved by humans before publishing. The exact origin of the term is unknown, although it likely originated in the 1990s or earlier as a humorous corruption of the word penis, or perhaps as a blend of wiener +‎ penis. Day by day these fretting anxieties and perplexities wasted her strength, and her fever grew higher and higher.

When the damage to the joint is severe, fascial arthroplasty or elbow joint replacement may be considered. The angle is greater in the dominant limb than the non-dominant limb of both sexes, suggesting that natural forces acting on the elbow modify the carrying angle. Developmental, aging and possibly racial influences add further to the variability of this parameter.

I remembered him as the one weird kid in the corner yelling “Look, guys, touch my wenis! ”, the teacher had to stop the entire lesson and deal with that troubled attention seeker. Wagina also began circulating the internet in the aughts, and it is used for the skin opposite, or above, the weenis. Specifically, it refers to the skin in the pit between your forearm and upper arm, and, it seems, when the forearm is raised to the upper arm, the name is based on vagina .

They’re different things,” said , a Riverside sophomore. I didn’t speak out that day, but this time I’ll make sure no one gets dragged into the “look at my wenis” faction. I see “wenis” in the dictionary, I’m going to use the actual name. A related term is cagina, a slang term for the skin between the thumb and the index finger. However this is widely recognized as being “made up” or “fake” by people on social media and online forums. Wenis and wagina are joke words for referring to the skin on the outside and the pit of the elbow, respectively.

There are two sets of lymphatic nodes at the elbow, normally located above the medial epicondyle — the deep and superficial cubital nodes . The lymphatic drainage at the elbow is through the deep nodes at the bifurcation of the brachial artery, the superficial nodes drain the forearm and the ulnar side of the hand. The efferent lymph vessels from the elbow proceed to the lateral group of axillary lymph nodes.

The stuff that is flabby on your elbow that has no feeling. So it’s pretty safe to say that words, made official or not, can still be real. Here are some of the words we’re currently looking at for a spot in the dictionary.

Nobody in the real world would use the term “wenis” when referring to the elbow. “Biologists have dictated that this part indeed is an elbow, so it’s nothing more,” said Junior Jacob Breuer. Elbow extension is simply bringing the forearm back to anatomical position. This action is performed by remembering synonym triceps brachii with a negligible assistance from anconeus. Triceps originates with two heads posteriorly on the humerus and with its long head on the scapula just below the shoulder joint. The radial collateral ligament is attached to the lateral epicondyle below the common extensor tendon.

I know it is not just me, the term “Wenis” is just too immature and unnecessary. People nowadays love to make things more complicated than they need to be. The actual area of the elbow which wenis often refers to can be called the olecranal skin, the wagina thecubital or antecubital fossa. While the exact origins of wenis and wagina are unknown, they likely originated as children’s or adolescent slang by the 1990s. The terms have been have been circulating on the internet since at least the early 2000s. In fact, this #23 wenis is neither a piece of skin nor a (“funny”) bone, but a nerve.

Brachialis is the main muscle used when the elbow is flexed slowly. The elbow joint and the superior radioulnar joint are enclosed by a single fibrous capsule. The capsule is strengthened by ligaments at the sides but is relatively weak in front and behind. The elbow joint has three different portions surrounded by a common joint capsule. These are joints between the three bones of the elbow, the humerus of the upper arm, and the radius and the ulna of the forearm.

Because triceps’ long head is biarticular , its efficiency is also dependent on the position of the shoulder. Brachialis acts exclusively as an elbow flexor and is one of the few muscles in the human body with a single function. It originates low on the anterior side of the humerus and is inserted into the tuberosity of the ulna. Presumably because it sounds like a name for a male genital organ — as well as sounding like another, funnier name for the same organ . Say the word “wenis” and everyone around you will immediately assume something obscene. Some may argue that the wenis is the same as the olecranon, but no, it’s definitely not.

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