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Her stories and articles published in prominent Tamil periodicals have been translated into English and other Indian languages. AVAN – the novel on drug addiction – has been translated into Ukrainian. This is the photograph of Jayalalithaa with famous Tamil writer Sivasankari. A rare photo of former Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa and Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman is being circulated on social media. Naan Naanaga book by Sivasankari is a novel that talks about the patriarchal Indian society of the old-time when men expected womenfolk to …

He ensured that all of us got college degrees. In the ‘50s and ‘60s it was rather uncommon for women to go for swimming classes, but Appa ensured that we all learnt how to swim. In those days there were only two swimming pools in Madras; one at the Marina and other inside the YMCA campus. My father went to the YMCA and sought special permission for a separate and exclusive time slot for women. With that arrangement in place, all the girls in his household went for swimming classes every Saturday from 6 am to 8 am.

He placed an order for 100 saris, all identical in colour and pattern at the Nalli Chinnasami Chetty store for gifts. In fact, it went by the name of “Suri Sari” for a few months! Please understand that I am describing all this in such detail, not with the intention of showing off, but to give you an idea of how beautifully my father organised the first wedding in the family. By the time I got married, no such special arrangements were made. Mine was the usual kind of wedding, just like what other families performed.

Sivasankari, born in 1942 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu is a popular Tamil writer and activist. Her writings examine crisis situations in society and in personal lives in the face of a fast-changing world. She looks at tradition with a lot of nostalgia and warmth, without loosing sight of the evils that it nurtured. Sivasankari is exceptionally sensitive to the issues that confront contemporary society and is comfortable with her occasionally conflicting selves as a writer and an activist. Her novel Oru Manithanin Kathai about a drunkard and his plight, made her famous overnight and endeared her to Tamil readers.

Balachander and starred Chiranjeevi and Jaya Prada. She is the author of the yiannis wine shop novel, which was made into a TV series called Subah on Doordarshan in 1987.

Ours was an independent bungalow with a lot of open space surrounding the house. The compound was so vast that one had to walk a fair distance to reach the boundary fence. There were many trees towards the back of the compound. Behind our secluded property there was a large slum settlement.

After reading Thaan Tan Sugam book, you will feel that the best things come in the smallest of packages. The PDF copy of this book is available … Karunai Kolai is an unforgettable novel book by Sivasankari. If you are interested in reading the novel book by Sivasankari, I will suggest reading Katrulla Pothe because this book is a highly nominated … The Pustaka Digital Media Publication published the latest edition of this book on August 30, … Malayin Adutha Pakkam is a novel by Sivasankari.

The title, for those who have not read the Tamil version may seem intriguing. It is just that her father was Suryanarayanan, who was the founder of the well-known auditing firm Suri & Co. Being descended of him, she chose that title. Each book consists of travelogues of the states covered, interviews with leading writers of each language, a representative selection and an overview of the literature of each region.

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