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Or Kelly Oxford’s accidental steal of a Marni dress, which she saved to debut on the perfect occasion. See, guys, we’re not the only one with serious emotional feelings towards inanimate objects. Think of it as the fashion version of finding Mr. Right. In the full video, the Goop mogul opened up about the tradition while cooking a frittata with turkey bacon, potatoes, spinach, and caramelised onions—all while discussing why cooking breakfast for her husband is a “feminist statement,” actually. Ms. Bassey said her older sister Udee “is all about wellness and mindful living” so she will be receiving La Mer skincare products. Don’t tell anyone, but this holiday season Tina Chen Craig plans to give this silver micro-bag by Self-Portrait to her publicist, Irissa Michele.

She also has a personal blog, as well as a large number of friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. I kinda like her but very much agree … her post divorce content is really cringe/ mid life crisis. I follow but don’t actively keep track, so also super curious why they divorced. Wouldn’t be surprised if he just found someone else bc she’s just always traveling/ partying without him. Also I sometimes end up feeling kinda bad for her bc her son is suchhhhhh a brat!!!

I do not know if he is trying to be an influencer (I guess all teens kind of are influencers to a degree these days?). I seem to remember that in time after Bagsnob she visited Kelly when in LA. Latest News & ReviewsMost of the time Latest News Stories & Reviews carry weight and are interesting to read. News Stories are current news posts and truthful with factual references for Entertainment, Knowledge etc.

Im sure her no filter face isn’t just because of Ubeauty. I’m sure it’s a combo of $1000 laser treatments she gets from Joanna Czech, maybe some injectables , a lot of money , etc. I liked her skincare line when she claimed you only needed one product but now she’s added 5 other products to the line.

Canada will repatriate Britain’s ‘Jihadi Jack’, 28, from Syrian prison camp – raising fears scores of ISIS… Before marrying Rothschild she was married to Todd Meister, but the two filed for divorce after less than a year of marriage. Kathy looked equally festive in a red plaid dress with capped puff sleeves and a red bow set at the neckline. She added two coats — a camel-colored variety and another light blue hue — and carried a small black leather handbag. In another snap she stood outside, wearing ear muffs next to two Max Mara ice sculptures as she carried a personalized tote. Nicky Hilton shares VERY RARE photo where she is receiving a…

I’ll never forget, I was at Balmain or Chanel, and I think it might have been Aimee Song, she was like, “Mama, your skin’s always been good, but it’s like next level. I said to Katie (at the time we were not partners, we had no brand, I was just testing this one product that’s supposed to be the best product that I couldn’t find), I said, “Can my friends try this? ” So we call the lab and they made us more samples and I started handing it out in Tokyo and Paris wherever I went.

Seven categories later—including beauty, shoes and jewelry—the two have successfully turned their blog into a lifestyle brand and recently developed their own bag line with HSN. They’ve also landed some impressive partnership deals with luxury companies not exactly known for working with bloggers, such as Cartier, and fostered relationships with icons like Victoria Beckham and Alexander Wang. “You can be superwoman with help—Superwoman had help,” she tells over Zoom. “As working moms, the minute you get home, you feel so guilty, and you’re like, ‘Now I gotta cook, now I gotta show that I can do everything.’ But I think it’s really important to take time to decompress. Those 10 minutes can do wonders, and will set the tone for the evening with the family.” Then of course, she recommends teaching your kid how to cook for themselves, too.

They also offer some gift ideas, opinions and personal holiday traditions. ‘Mr Loophole’ lawyer to the stars reveals how December’s postal strikes could help drivers evade fines and… Will a plan to give $5 million to every black person in San Francisco be redress for years of suffering…or…

Uno, named Best in Show yesterday at the 132nd annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show, gets in the picture with host Martha Stewart on the set of… Donna Eskins, of Alderson, W. Va., sells Martha Stewart T-shirts out of the back of a station wagon outside the Alderson Federal Prison Camp where… Payne Stewart of the United States celebrates victory after sinking his final putt during the last day of the 1999 US Open played on the number two… Grow your brand authentically by sharing brand content with the internet’s creators.

Nicky, who’s the wife of financier James Rothschild, dressed in a black turtleneck and knee-high lace-up combat boots. In one, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills personality how to exclude a word from a google search sat happily with her daughter and friend Tina Chen Craig in front of a cozy fireplace. Co-founder and editor-in-chief of the blog mega-site Bag Snob with Kelly Cook.

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