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A bit warmer than your typical strawberry blonde, Kate Bosworth’s honey-red hair is such a dreamy color for spring and summer. As with any blonde hue, keep in mind you’ll need to see your colorist regularly to maintain this one . While dyeing your hair a darker color is one option to dialing back the orange, you may want to consider calling a professional.

Auburn red hair color is a cool hot shade to try out. Blended with a darker base, it forms an elegant combo that is a beauty to behold. Switching your shampoo and conditioner is a must, too. Traditional shampoos contain harsh cleansing ingredients called sulfates, which can strip hair color quickly. Instead, use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

If you do choose an option that is different from your natural color you can get away with all over base color touch ups every other time you add highlights. Golden tones and rose colors tend to look great with natural red hair and subtlety enhance what your mamma gave you. If you have naturally blonde hair red highlights can help give your overall look a slightly strawberry blonde look. Do everything you can to preserve your color for as long as possible.

Highlights in a brighter shade of red like copper or orange-red lighten up dark reds. The awesome dimension and movement of this gorgeous hair say it all. Dark red hairstyles take on a seductive flair especially when the hair is curly. Shimmering dark red curly hair paints a perfect picture of classy and feminine. If you’re thinking of adding a sophisticated feel to your appearance, dark red dyed hair is sure to give you all that and more. Red wine shades of dark red hair are brighter and offer an alluring feminine feel to dark hair.

For a tastefully rich and elegant dark red hairstyle, a ruby red shade is a wonderful idea. This color delivers multi-tonal dimension and richness to your hair. Wine red highlights can make the dullest hairstyle come alive in glory. To say dark red highlights look great on dark hair would be an understatement. Dark red highlights blend in perfectly with dark roots and add a cool contrast and shine to your hair.

Stunning long red hair with curled ends will give you The Little Mermaid Ariel vibes. Dyeing your hair red can be troublesome without full commitment, as it is one of the hardest colors to maintain, but also tricky to remove. It’s best to go with a darker, richer red as it will give your hair more longevity dyed red curly hair with its vibrancy. Don’t forget to pick up a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo and conditioner to keep your color looking as fresh as possible, for as long as possible. If you’re not ready to go fully into red territory, a dark auburn gloss warms up shades of brown hair for a pretty red tint.

Shades of red are clearly a standout trend, but if you don’t want to go all the way, consider having your stylist weave some red pieces into your base shade. “Shades of auburn mixed throughout really give the hair some subtle pop,” says Jamila Powell, founder of Miami’s Maggie Rose Salon. “I love anything two-toned because it gives amazing dimension throughout your hair.” She suggests this look for warmer-toned brunettes who are going for a small change. Dark red hair color has this unique richness and depth it immediately imparts to your locks.

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