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The story involved glaring videos of maggot-infested homeless people being abandoned on the streets for days. Many of these people were rescued by animal rights activists after the public, police, ambulances, hospitals and human rights activists refused to provide the victims relief. Myiasis is a common problem among domestic animals particularly during the warm months of the year. Myiasis/maggot wounds at different locations of animals body are problematic as they feed on the healthy as well as decaying tissue and delay the healing process of the wounds leading to secondary bacterial infection.

Case ReportA 55 years of age, multiparous, postmenopausal women, a housewife comes from remote part of Tripura with presenting complaints of foul smelling blood stained discharge from her prolapsed genital organ for last 1 month. She has noticed something coming out of her vagina for last 10 years. The prolapsed mass used to get reduced in size on lying down position earlier.

Upon discharge, she was recommended to keep her vagina and living environment clean and not to wear skirts when working at the farm or with animals. Two weeks later, cystoscopy results were normal, the infected parts of the labia minora were improved, and no maggots were found in the vaginal exam. Over the decades, there have been a few other scattered xavier university jobs cases of vaginal maggot infestations published in the medical literature — occurring in patients with no reported STDs. It’s safe to say that this condition is very rare, and can occur in people with or without STDs. It’s also worth mentioning that there are many species of maggots, not all of which are capable of infesting human tissue.

The larvae identified from the labia were the second instar, which is the stage of development reached by around 2.5 days, and this fits with the length of time the patient was likely to have been in the garden. The first instar larva obtained its nutrients originally from the body fluids surrounding the labia that is promoting its growth, whilst the second instar stage with the more developed mouthparts began to digest the labia tissue. One case of genital myiasis affecting a village woman with genital prolapse and advanced vaginal malignancy is presented, seen rarely in tropical and subtropical countries in persons with poor personal hygiene. Clinical examination revealed massive infestation of maggots with no suppuration but wound lesion of hemorrhagic nature with foul smelling discharge. The animals were restrained in Travis and the wound was thoroughly cleaned with Luke warm water. Dead and devitalized tissue as about to slough was removed avoiding further drainage of the underlying healthy tissues.

Urogenital myiasis constitutes only 0.7% of human infestations, with very few cases reported so far . A recent systematic review found the vagina as the most prevalent site of female urogenital myiasis . In our case, myiasis involved the labia minora, urinary bladder, urethral meatus, and vaginal canal. Therefore, the flies may lay their eggs near the urethra, and then, the larvae hatch and migrate to the bladder.

The term was first introduced by Hope in 1840 and refers to the infestation of human beings with dipterous larvae . Presence of maggots on exposed parts is already known, but on covered parts like external genitalia it is very rare. We hereby describe a case of young unmarried female who presented with multiple sinuses over external genitalia along with maggots coming out of it. Usually, they are found in recycling carrion and garbage, attacking crops and foodstuffs, on carcasses or other rotten tissue, spreading microbial infections, and causing myiasis. While they can live in some of the worst places on Earth and feeding on almost anything, maggots are mostly comfortable feeding on remains or open wounds. Predisposing site, such as those caused by wounding, necrosis.

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