Raja Vikramarka Movie Review and Rating!

Tanya Ravichandran has no looks of the heroine and she hardly has any screen presence during the second half of the film. Sai Kumar’s characterization looks quite routine and he never looked like a Home Minister in the film. Sudhakar Komakula will get a mixed response for his role and performance. He did well during the second half of the movie.

The ‘big reveal’ that Vikram is an NIA officer comes as no surprise because it’s already shown in all the promotional material that he is. By the time he realises that his lady love also faces a threat, it’s too late – a trope that’s done and dusted in numerous cop dramas. The second half of the film tries to earn some brownie points as the film has scope for thrill. The climax is also a let-down, failing to raise the bar that’s already on rock bottom by then, so is the cinematography and music. On the whole, after showing much promise with its striking trailer and whirlwind promotions, Raja Vikramarka ends up as an okayish thriller.

However the entire story turned out to be routine and he failed with his screenplay and direction. Everything turned out to be predictable right from the word go and the romantic and comedy elements looked forced and they slowed the pace of the film. optavia vegetable list Characters of Karthikeya and others are not written in a strong manner. The outdated elements, silly narration and execution spoiled the entire output. However, another section was not too pleased. One wrote that it was a ‘below-par action thriller’.

It doesn’t work that way, and we are left with tedious proceedings following the genre clichés one after the other. Again, the comedy coming in between adds to the irritation. So, barring the action blocks, which don’t have much scope for comedy, the rest of the narrative has humour interwoven into it. The result is tonal inconsistency and an uninteresting tale. The blend of action, comedy and thrill is easier said, written than done.

The supporting cast is good for the movie with the presence of many known faces. Tanikella Bharani, Sai Kumar, Pasupathy and Harsha Vardhan are the key players. They all do their works effectively but have very ordinary and predictable parts.

While ‘Raja Vikramarka’ was touted to be an action thriller with comedy as its forte, it is less about the thrills. After the villain’s motivations are established, there is not much going for the movie in terms of suspense. As such, the action directors (Subbu-Naba duo and Prudhvi Sekhar) were supposed to do the heavy lifting. Since director Sri Saripalli doesn’t visualize the film as a true-blue actioner, the potential is not milked.

You need to watch the movie to know the rest. ‘Sammathame’ and the classical-sound song are well-placed. His BGM works in the more substantial parts of the story. Where the scene is staged well, the technical aspect shows promise.

— Raja Vikramarka second half going on a rescue operation to find Home minister’s daughter. A better casting for one of the critical parts in the story and a rewrite is the need of the hour. Also, a better character arc for Sai Kumar track related to the proceedings could have made the narrative spicier.

The first half is completely boring except the interval bang that brings hopes on the film. The second half too starts on a boring note with several silly episodes. Home Minister’s daughter gets kidnapped and the Intelligence, NIA cops fail to trace her. NIA which happens to be the country’s best agency holds talks with the kidnappers.

You may watch the movie this weekend for Kartikeya and some well-conceived action sequences. Logic, pace, and tautness is what one would expect from such films, but Sri Saripalli’s work disappoints on all three counts. He tries to keep the cards unrevealed for long, but, by then, the damage has already been done as almost all the audience know the ‘big reveal’. As far as spy-thrillers go, Raja Vikramarka is a weak one, considering the zero adrenaline rush it delivers. The simple and predictable story doesn’t really rise above the ground level.

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