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Similar to Upwork, Fiverr also takes a 20% cut from your payment. That’s 10,000 words generated by Jarvis on top of the existing 20,000 words generated you already get. Not only does the tool shave hours off my daily workload for less than a dollar a day, but he also nails it all the time.


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He was put to death and the government declared it illegal to utter his name. Following in the tradition of the classical list, modern people and organisations have made their own lists of wonderful things, both ancient and modern, natural and artificial. The Greek historian Herodotus (484 – c. 425 BC) and the scholar Callimachus of Cyrene (c. 305–240 BC), at the Museum of Alexandria, made early lists of seven wonders. These lists have not survived, however, except as references in other writings. Generally, the pay is between 15 and 25 cents per word, depending on the amount of editing required for your submitted article. They pay $75 for postcards, $250 for 800 words, and $400 for 1400 words.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, consult individual encyclopedia entries about the topics. Top Six List will only pay you $7 via paypal according to their website. First is the prerequisite registration, and you then try to sell your ideas for a list. If you have a story to tell and you can tell it in a funny way, this website here is an obvious choice to make online money. Information presented on Vital Dollar and through related email marketing is intended for informational purposes only and is not meant to be taken as financial advice. The administrators and authors of Vital Dollar are not financial professionals, and views expressed on the site are strictly personal opinions.

Some of the topics that they cover include mental illness, abuse, divorce, depression, death, peer pressure, relationships, and stereotypes. They look for writers who can share obscure or little-known knowledge. They look for quality writers who can write “out of the box” listicles. They publish top 10 lists related to the sports industry, as well as the latest breaking news. They look for lists that are no more than 800 words and include 10 items. They publish articles about falconry, covering topics such as the latest techniques in training, captive breeding and dog handling.

Chichén Itzá is a Mayan city on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, which flourished in the 9th and 10th centuries CE. Under the Mayan tribe Itzá—who were strongly influenced by the Toltecs—a number of important monuments and temples were built. Among the most notable is the stepped pyramid El Castillo (“The Castle”), which rises 79 feet above the Main Plaza. A testament to the Mayans’ astronomical abilities, the structure features a total of 365 steps, the number of days in the solar year. Chichén Itzá is home to the largest tlachtli in the Americas.

They publish a wide variety of topics, but they only accept submissions on the topics listed below. They accept unsolicited proposals from established freelance writers. They look for personal stories that are raw and brutally honest. Check out their submission guidelines for some suggestions on what to write about. They look for articles between 800 and 1200 words with visuals.

Instead, we’re focusing on established online media platforms which pay writers to create articles for them. Some require you to pitch an article, others want to read the whole piece before they decide whether to buy or not, and some will consider you based on the strength of your portfolio. The important thing is that they all pay real, fair money for writing work that you can be proud of. By joining the team, you’re given an account with your details.

Cooking detective– If you are a food or a recipe blogger you will love this! Get paid for writing review articles on kitchen gadgets and appliances. Eureka Street accepts submissions of up to 800 words, on topics surrounding politics, religion and culture in Australia and around the world.

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