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You can skip the line and enjoy unlimited all-day range time with priority lane access when you sign up for a Blackstone Shooting Sports membership. You’ll even get 50% off the price of a second shooter, a 50% discount on all firearm rentals and more. Used for our training programs and available for meetings, business outings, and more is our 1400 square foot conference room, which offers seating for up to 90 people, along with packages for both the conference center and shooting range. The Walnut Creek Sportsmen’s Club is dedicated to promoting the shooting sports, encouraging the safe handling of firearms, and the conservation of all natural resources and wildlife. We host several shooting events and other outdoor activities during the year.

And we kept saying, wouldn’t it be nice if we had a deck out there, put a slider unit in. You could just go out there on the deck. So we discussed that for quite a while, many, many months. And I decided that, let’s go through with this. I’ll figure out what it’s going to cost, and we’ll present it. And if the members want it, then we’ll do it.

Please call for availability of this service. Our system was designed by Action Target and Mancom and is the most elite system available on the market. All of our target retrieval systems feature a digital display that can send the targets down-range in precise one-yard increments. The target system on our tactical range is interactive and can run, rush, and turn 360 degrees, forcing you to hone your skills in order to make effective split-second decisions. For the safety of our guests and our staff, ammunition for any rental firearm must be purchased from Blackstone at the time the firearm is rented.

The history of Diablo Action Pistol goes back to approximately 1988 when the by-laws of Diablo Action Pistol were adopted by its founding members. The group was established through the sponsorship of the Diablo Rod & Gun Club which is one of the five member clubs forming the United Sportsmen, Incorporated . All 27 of our lanes are 25 yards long. Our high-tech target retrievers make it possible to send your target to very precise distances. Black powder firearms are not permitted on the range.

There’s a similar thing with the wild turkey hunting. And not being a turkey hunter I don’t know exactly how that works, but I understand it’s very similar where kids get introduced to turkey hunting. They get into the fire arm safety course. They get into cleaning the birds, and cooking. We are dedicated to promoting the sport of rifle, pistol and shotgun shooting, archery, encouraging the safe handling of firearms, and the conservation of all natural resources and wildlife. We offer programs for youth and women shooters.

Blackstone Shooting Sports, the premier indoor shooting range; event space; retail firearms store in the Carolina’s. Are you trying out our range for the first time? No need to worry about signing up or reserving a spot — we welcome all guests with walk-in access to our center. Once you arrive, we’ll get you set up with a lane as soon as one becomes available and offer any rentals or extra ammo you might need from our store. Then, you’ll enjoy an hour of range time to hone your skills for success.

Some of the members, believe it or not, didn’t want to do it. And we had one member that refused to even step on it, because he was opposed to it. I don’t know what his feeling was on why he did that.

So, we know there’s a need for this course and all, so the club does have the course twice a year. Would like to do it more frequently, but people’s time is very valuable, and it’s quite an effort to put this on. Whether you hunt with a firearm or a bow, every hunter needs to practice for accuracy, ethics and safety. With respects to shotguns, we only permit the use of slugs on our range. When you visit the range for the first time, just head straight back towards the sign that says “Blackstone Range.” To your left, you will see a bunch of iPads and a TV. Please watch the safety video and complete the waiver.

Minors 9 years old and younger are allowed to accompany a parent or legal guardian on the range ONLY during a Blackstone Private Instruction session with an instructor present. Minors must attend and be certified by Blackstone’s Youth Firearms Safety Instruction program before being allowed to accompany a parent or legal guardian on the range. For safety purposes, pants must be worn above the waistline at all times. All of our lanes are equipped with Action Target’s steel Total Containment Trap, baffling system, and clear-view bulletproof glass shooting stalls. The heated and air-conditioned range features a state-of-the-art ventilation system that provides clean air at a constant 68 degrees.

Only lead core bullets are permitted on the range. Steel core, incendiary, tracer, exploding or tipped ammo of any kind is prohibited from the facility. To determine whether or not your ammunition is permitted on the range, simply hold a magnet to the side of the bullet – if it does not stick, your ammo is fine for use at Blackstone. If you live caswell’s shooting range in the Charlotte, NC, area, Blackstone Shooting Sports is your ultimate center for entertainment. From our climate-controlled indoor lanes to the convenient rentals that make it possible to enjoy our range even without your own equipment, you’ll find everything you need for a memorable adventure. Male members’ rights of expressive association.

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