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Not sure what you are wanting to achieve with mobility, but I know the lift I have from does have wheel attachments that allow you to move the lift around, but not with a car contemplatingthedivine on it. They pivot, so you can glide around, and then set the lift back down. They can do this as their 4 post lift does not require you to bold down to the floor at any time.

The apartment itself is nice but the complex looks horrible. Valet trash is supposed to happen every night, but we don’t receive it at least two days a week leaving the halls with stains, bugs, and a bad smell. The halls and stair wells are full of dust and dirt. The parking garage is so dusty that some of the parking lines aren’t visible. The gate for the parking garage is often broke at least once a month if not more.

Our parking management company’s use of technology, sustainable values and premium service will enhance the value of your parking assets. From the bustling city streets of the east coast to the sunny boulevards of the west coast, Propark proudly serves over 600 locations nationwide. Our national scope includes strong presences in New York City; Boston; Washington, D.C.; Ohio; Denver; Houston; San Francisco; Los Angeles; and many more. At every location, we leverage over three decades of experience to implement our parking management best practices and customize our services to meet your market’s unique needs.

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It looks very easy to just drive the car between the posts, then position the arms to meet up with the jacking points on the car. The car that is on his now is a 1973 Alfa Romeo Spider. This car sits even lower than the Corvette due to the oil pan guard on the front. Thre is about 2 inches or so between this cow catcher looking guard and the ground. I can attest to the strength of the oil pan guard as I have broken many a rock with it over the years.

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