Pitching tips for a beginner : slowpitch

Also, depending on the type of slow pitching, you need to be skilled in rotation, spin rate control, and controlling the flight height of the ball. If you’re a slow pitch softball player and struggle with throwing, I can help. The softball field is small, and so throws to second base from the shortstop or second baseman have to be quick.

There are no fixed rules about where those four outfielders are positioned. Teams should consist of nine players, however, they may play with fewer but must have a minimum of seven players to start a game. Since the pitcher is a member of the other team, there can be a maximum of two seam grip 10 players on the field at a time, nine of which are members of the defensive team. The ninth defensive player is the rover, and can be positioned in the infield or outfield. To become a good slow pitch softball pitcher, you need to master two things – gripping and releasing.

No matter how good of a baseball pitcher you were or how athletic you are, there is nothing that will prepare you for pitching in slow pitch. It’s odd, unfamiliar, and doesn’t feel natural when you first do it. It’s going to take time to perfect your craft, so the best way to do that is to practice. Standing back in the box vs. forward in the boxFor batters standing at the very back of the box, pitch them with short depth. Try to land the ball at the very front of the strike zone.

Remember, you are not applying any wrist action in knuckleball when you pitch the ball. Just like the slow backspin pitch, the slider also has a high spinning rate and delivers a sharper break. It actually breaks from the pitching arm side to the glove arm side. In this method, you should pick a wide grip with your middle and index finger, keeping the fingers close to the axis of the rotation. And then the thumb on the backside should be opposing the seam. If you want to know what is the best softball bat used by most hard hitters, check out this Easton MAKO TORQ Helmer review I shared earlier.

A warning shall be issued to the offending team, and a repeat of this type of act by any member of the team warned shall result in the offender being ejected from the game. The ball is dead and all subsequent action on that pitch is cancelled. Commits any act while the ball is live and in play. 1) The resin or drying agent cannot be applied to the ball or glove directly.

The strike zone is slightly different in different forms of softball. A pitch that passes through that zone is a “strike”. A pitch at which the batter swings is also a strike, as is any hit ball that lands in foul territory that is not caught out.

Must take a position with both feet firmly on the ground and with one or both feet in contact with the pitcher plate or the ground anywhere inside the pitching “chute”. The chute is the same 24 inch width as the pitching plate. This technique is known to conceal the actual throw of the player and hence adds a deceptive element as well as augments the speed of the ball. This seminal dissimilarity references several other differences between the two base softball formats.

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