Pitchers Pocket Pro 9 Hole Pitching Target Baseball 9 Pocket Pitching Net: Green

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In this smaller version of the standard 9 Hole Pitcher’s Pocket, the 9 pockets represent the actual size of the strike zone. After the player throws a bucket of balls to loosen up their arm, we recommend training with a pitch sequence, working on pitch location. Pick a pitch and work on exactly where the ball should go. Always work in groups of 5 pitches per location to help develop that release point muscle memorization.

Motion is a dynamic process; any inefficiencies in movement, especially early, too easily propagate and become harder to correct. The Pocket Path aligns the early throwing phases wiffle ball dimensions by positioning the arm in a way that minimizes poor arm paths. It is an intuitive, simple tool that helps athletes start their throwing motion consistently every time.

I contacted him to see if we could expedite the shipping of a Solo Kicker so it could be used for our playoff football game. He originally told me that I might be better served by contacting the manufacturer, as they would be more likely to get it to me sooner. After speaking with the manufacturer, we discovered that they were backordered, and could not fulfill this request. He immediately went to work to verify that he had one in stock. Since it was late in the day, I quickly ordered it and it was shipped the very next day.

The Fortress Portable Baseball Pitching Target is another 9-hole Pitcher’s Pocket that’s great for baseball and softball practice. Our verdict is that the Pitcher’s Pocket Pro is a terrific investment. We work very hard to ensure that we offer the absolute best prices online.

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