Pitch Wiffle Balls with a Leaf Blower and PVC Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Look for a pitching machine that lets you adjust the speed, has a stable base that won’t tip, and has no harsh edges or corners. The Polyball Tutor Pitching Machine pitches baseball-size plastic polyballs that you can hit with a regular bat. Throws up to 60 MPH and weighs less than 28 pounds. Throws straight fastballs, mildly breaking sliders, and sharply breaking curveballs.

You can build this pitching machine for as low as $35.00. It is made from materials that you can easily buy from any hardware store. It shoots over 25 feet, and you can use different spins to control the curve and location of the ball. If you have some experience with woodwork and welding, this pitching machine is for you.

Turn a leaf blower, PVC pipes, and a few extra materials into a machine that can pitch a Wiffle ball at 50mph. We have a bungee cord; to hold the PVC pipe to a piece wiffle pitching machine of wood, table, or anything that can balance the pipe. Start by setting up the PVC pipe, get one PVC elbow with three openings, one smaller than the other two.

But the functionality and durability of this pitching machine justify the cost. If you want a powerful machine that shoots real baseballs, consider spending another $$$. The machine can throw both left-handed and right-handed curved balls at varying speeds and angles.

A good pitching machine can make all the difference in the world when it comes to batting practice. If you are a coach, then you also know that having the best possible equipment can be the key to success on the field. Lastly, if you are a player yourself, then you probably understand how important it is to use top quality equipment in order to improve your own game. One of the main benefits of using a mini wiffle ball pitching machine is that it can help improve your batting accuracy.

This is a child’s play toy sort of pitching machine that is appropriate for ages 4-12. Welcome to our monthly newsletter series on optimizing your Wiffle Ball/Backyard Ball experience. We provide monthly tips and information on the sport of Wiffle Ball, everything from pitching, hitting, building fields, tournaments, events, and more. We purchased the professional package about 6 months ago and it’s absolutely amazing.

Attach the 10-foot-long, 3″-diameter PVC pipe to the 3″ horizontal opening on the low heel inlet. Don’t reduce the length of the barrel because a short barrel won’t provide as much range or velocity. So is there any reason on Earth for a leaf blower to exist? Battlefield nuclear weaponsCode-named Davy Crockett, the small weapons system consisted of a recoilless rifle and small, portable nuclear shell . In my opinion, Davy was a terrible rendition of a terrible idea on many levels.

The balls get automatically popped up every 7 seconds to give them a better chance to reset between the swings. Its remote control practice bat allows the players to control the timing of pitching the balls. With a simple press of the button, plastic balls pump out of the machine frequently. JUGS Sports is the leading producer of baseball and softball training aids. Our Training equipment is trusted by professional and amateur athletes as well as coaches worldwide. All designed to help you become the best player or coach possible.

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