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It makes it harder to change the battery, so I would like to see these rechargeable, and for me that’s one con. The second is that the colors that are offered are sort of shiny, sort of glossy, and for most people who are looking for discreet hearing aids, they might draw a little too much attention. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Finally, at the bottom of the hearing aid, there is a battery door, which accepts a standard size 312 battery capable of being taken out and replaced when necessary. It sells FDA-registered hearing aids online and has four models. Although the prices are higher than Lexie and others on this list, it regularly offers discounts.

The hearing aid market is poised for explosive growth, so some hearing-aid-makers already have their hearing aids available for purchase. That opens the door for tech companies to sell hearing aids over the counter, without a visit to the audiologist. Not only will this create more competition and a drop in prices, but it will also remove some of the stigma surrounding hearing loss. If a person can buy aids online, in anonymity, the feelings of insecurity at visiting a doctor are a non-issue. “Care Kits” with new batteries and hearing aid accessories , shipped to customers every 6 months.

You’ll end up paying more for your hearing aids with the subscription plan than buying them up front, but this may be a good option if you need to spread your payments out over time. Based on features, customer service, and price, Lexie is our top-rated OTC hearing aid (4.51 out of 5) out of all the brands researched by our Reviews Team. If the price is within your budget and you feel comfortable using an app to adjust your hearing aids, this brand could be just what you’re looking for.

And then at the end of this tip, let’s say I have a really large ear canal, which I do, then you can put this in the end of the slim tubing. And there you go, that’s how you would change the slim tubing. So they give you those different tools to adjust that yourself and save cake bake in carmel indiana you a trip to a clinic. Overall my answer is, yes, these hearing aids are of decent value. When you get the hearing aids, you connect them to your smartphone through Bluetooth. Because of its low initial cost, I believe the Lexie Lumen is an excellent first hearing aid.

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