Peruvian footballer struck by LIGHTNING during cup match is ‘out of danger’, reports teammate

Our atomic level study allows analyzing the vesicle surface structure and dynamics as well as the intermolecular forces between peptides, providing a number of potential leads to improve and tune the biophysical properties of the nanocarrier. The herein presented approach may be of general utility to investigate peptide-based nanomaterials at high-resolution and at physiological conditions. Protein phosphatase 2A is a family of conserved serine/threonine phosphatases involved in several essential aspects of cell growth and proliferation. PP2ACdc55 phosphatase has been extensively related to cell cycle events in budding yeast; however, few PP2ACdc55 substrates have been identified. In addition, we validated new PP2ACdc55 substrates such as Slk19 and Lte1, involved in early and late anaphase pathways, and Zeo1, a component of the cell wall integrity pathway.

Antitumor activity of photodynamic therapy performed with nanospheres containing zinc-phthalocyanine . Longo, João Paulo Figueiró, Valois, Caroline Alves, Tapajós, Érica Correio Coelho, Santos, Maria de Fátima Menezes Almeida, de Azevedo, Ricardo Bentes. The evolution of computing and web technologies over the past decade has enabled the development of fully fledged scientific applications that run directly on web browsers. Powered by JavaScript, the lingua franca of web programming, these ‘web apps’ are starting to revolutionize and democratize scientific research, education, and outreach. Dinosaur ossification centres in embryonic birds uncover developmental evolution of the skullD Smith-Paredes, D Núñez-León, S Soto-Acuña, J O’Connor, JF Botelho, … Skeletal plasticity in response to embryonic muscular activity underlies the development and evolution of the perching digit of birdsJ Francisco Botelho, D Smith-Paredes, S Soto-Acuña, J Mpodozis, …

Twenty-two groups predicted the effects of comprehensive saturation mutagenesis for two designed influenza hemagglutinin binders and the results were compared with experimental yeast display enrichment data obtained using deep sequencing. Much room for improvement remains for even the best techniques, and large-scale fitness landscapes should continue to provide an excellent test bed for continued evaluation of both existing and new prediction methodologies. Protein-protein docking aims at predicting the three-dimensional structure of a protein complex starting from the free forms of the individual partners. As assessed in the CAPRI community-wide experiment, the most successful docking algorithms combine pure laws of physics with information derived from various experimental or bioinformatics sources. Of these so-called “information-driven” approaches, HADDOCK stands out as one of the most successful representatives. In this chapter, we briefly summarize which experimental information can be used to drive the docking prediction in HADDOCK, and then focus on the docking protocol itself.

This results in an enrichment factor of 2.5 compared to a random predictor for ranking ligands within the top 25%, making it a promising approach to identify lead compounds in virtual screening. The recent CAPRI rounds have introduced new docking challenges in the form of protein-RNA complexes, multiple alternative interfaces, and an unprecedented number of targets for which homology modeling was required. We present here the performance of HADDOCK and its web server in the CAPRI experiment and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of data-driven docking. HADDOCK was successful for 6 out of 9 complexes and accurately predicted the individual interfaces for two more complexes. The HADDOCK server, which is the first allowing the simultaneous docking of generic multi-body complexes, was successful in 4 out of 7 complexes for which it participated. The main weakness of data-driven docking revealed from these last CAPRI results is its vulnerability for incorrect experimental data related to the interface or the stoichiometry of the complex.

Understanding how such complex structures arose is crucial to our understanding of cellular evolution. We and others recently reported that in several Gammaproteobacterial species, a relic subcomplex comprising the decorated P and L rings persists in the outer membrane after flagellum disassembly. Imaging nine additional species with cryo-electron spanish valentines day quotes tomography, here, we show that this subcomplex persists after flagellum disassembly in other phyla as well. Bioinformatic analyses fail to show evidence of any recent horizontal transfers of the P- and L-ring genes, suggesting that this subcomplex and its persistence is an ancient and conserved feature of the flagellar motor.

Another Spaniard is enjoying some rather nice, early success at Wolves, where Julen Lopetegui took charge over the World Cup break. Since the Premier League returned on Boxing Day, Wolves have the same number of wins in four games, as they did in their first 15 games. Beaten only by Manchester United during the current run, Wolves appear to be back to their defensive best, yet to concede multiple goals in a game under Lopetegui. The two-time defending PL champions, Manchester City (42 points – 2nd place), trail by five points at the midway point of their season , but Pep Guardiola’s side could pull to within two with a win and a little help from rivals Manchester United. Following last weekend’s Manchester derby defeat, City now lead Man United by just three points.

In this work, we assessed these methods’ ability to map the specificity-determining positions of Axl, a receptor tyrosine kinase involved in cancer progression and immune system diseases. For structure-based predictions, we utilized HADDOCK refinement and molecular dynamics simulations. As a result, we observed that sequence-based methods overpredict partner-selecting residues of Axl and that combining Multi-RELIEF with HADDOCK-based predictions provides the key Axl residues, covered by the extensive molecular dynamics simulations. Expanding on these results, we propose that a sequence-structure-based approach is necessary to determine specificity-determining positions of Axl, which can guide the development of therapeutic molecules to combat Axl misregulation.

Their effect on binding affinity can be explained by long-range electrostatic contributions and surface-solvent interactions that are known to determine the local frustration of the protein complex surface. Including these in a simple model significantly improves the affinity prediction of protein complexes from structural models. The impact of mutations outside the interacting surface on binding affinity is supported by experimental alanine scanning mutagenesis data. These results enable the development of more sophisticated and integrated biophysical models of binding affinity and open new directions in experimental control and modulation of biomolecular interactions. Information-driven docking is currently one of the most successful approaches to obtain structural models of protein interactions as demonstrated in the latest round of CAPRI.

Experimental screens have identified tens of thousands of interactions, and structural biology has provided detailed functional insight for select 3D protein complexes. An alternative rich source of information about protein interactions is the evolutionary sequence record. Building on earlier work, we show that analysis of correlated evolutionary sequence changes across proteins identifies residues that are close in space with sufficient accuracy to determine the three-dimensional structure of the protein complexes. With the current growth of sequences, we expect that the method can be generalized to genome-wide elucidation of protein-protein interaction networks and used for interaction predictions at residue resolution. Although many advanced and sophisticated ab initio approaches for modeling protein-protein complexes have been proposed in past decades, template-based modeling remains the most accurate and widely used approach, given a reliable template is available. However, there are many different ways to exploit template information in the modeling process.

Molecular development of fibular reduction in birds and its evolution from dinosaursJF Botelho, D Smith‐Paredes, S Soto‐Acuña, J O’Connor, V Palma, … “It’s a miracle that I survived the impact from a lightning strike,” Fuentes told Peruvian newspaper Diaro Correo this week. In terrifying footage from the incident, the lightning bolt appears so quickly that only a puff of smoke is seen around Fuentes as the young man collapses to the ground. The U.K.’s Daily Mirror reports that the lightning strike also injured a nearby assistant referee, who can be seen in the footage getting up and staggering around before sinking back to the ground.

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