OTT Review : Senapathi Telugu film on Aha

Are you eagerly waiting to know the Senapathi Movie release Date and Time? Keep reading this article to know When is Senapathi Movie Coming out on Aha Video? The much yellowstone season 4 song list awaited Senapathi Movie is expected to release on December 31, 2021 on OTT Platform. The Senapathi Movie features a Cast and the movie was directed by Pavan Sadineni.

He is preparing for IPS simultaneously as he wants to become a powerful person. Unfortunately for him, he loses his service revolver while chasing a criminal one day. A double blow of sorts happens when the same is used for a robbery, and a small girl is killed. Apart from the forced, hurried romantic track between a cop and a journalist in the first hour, nothing is left to chance in Senapathi. On a certain level, the film is a social commentary of sorts on the brutal ways of society and its systemic rut, where everyone is not privileged enough to choose their path. You get to see life through the lens of the cop initially and the focus shifts to Krishnamurthy later, in whose hands the pistol finally reaches.

And when he comes in, he makes his brooding presence felt. Together with his partners in crime , Murthy commits a crime. This film’s commitment to moral greyness defines the story it chooses to tell — that of protagonists Krishna and Krishna Murthy . Krishna is preparing to become an IPS officer because he wants to fix the system by reaching the top.

Above anything else, the primary focus of Senapathi remains to tell a darn good story. Despite a running time close to two-and-a-half hours, the writing is dense, packed with riveting detail, edgy sequences and has a strong emotional foundation. The frenetic pace of the storytelling nearly leaves you gasping for breath. Very rarely does a remake deserves to be labelled an adaptation in Telugu cinema. Senapathi is certainly one, borrowing its core from the Tamil film 8 Thottakal, but still has an identity and a soul of its own, firmly rooted in its setting.

Pavani Reddy has a role, while Keshav Deepak’s character doesn’t last long. They make it seem as if we are illegally snooping on the film’s characters. Senapathi begins with the promise of an edge of the seat crime drama but gradually becomes an emotional tale.

But one day on a mission he loses his service revolver and suddenly it falls into the hands of a mad man who won’t stop using its bullets to kill for selfish reasons. The film is directed by Pawan Sadineni and is produced by mega daughter Sushmita Konidela. Rajendra Prasad plays the lead role in this film which is a crime thriller. Pavan also does a good job of showing the contrast between the two Krishnas. The two actors also play off each other’s strengths and the minute beats of their characters.

Gnaneswari Kandregula, Satya Prakash, Josh Ravi and others gave their best to make the film a fascinating one. The whole set up, look and field of the film has been designed superbly by director Pawan Sadineni. What Rajendra Prasad says in the promotional video, emphasising that the pawn shouldn’t be taken lightly, is essential to this story, adds Sadineni. Despite all this,Senapathi is a fairly engrossing story of crime, punishment and redemption.

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