Organic Spotify Playlist Pitching

There are MANY excellent analytics software alternatives to choose from. If you’re a musician trying to promote your work independently or if you’re signed to a label and want to monitor your online success… Make sure your Spotify profile has an up-to-date bio, photos and social links.

That’s what makes this one of the best music analytics tools. Explore an extensive database of 70+ million tracks with data on release date, label, energy, happiness, and danceability. You can track progress via or Clients typically see playlist adds come in within 2-3 days of ordering a campaign . It is most likely that your song will not get any streams or genuine monthly listeners from these kinds of playlists. If one would think logically, that if a curator has a popular playlist with a large number of monthly listeners, that the curator would in turn, also have a fairly large following. In some cases they will offer you a specific number of streams which can counted for a fake streams.

We help music artists submit their music to genuine Spotify playlists, YouTube channels, Blogs, TikTok influencers, Radio Stations and Record Labels. If a curator likes your track, they will add it to their playlist, channel and or blog etc. The last few years the importance of data in artist discovery has also increased. It’s definitely true for labels looking to sign new talents. There are so many new songs released every day that we must use the technology to apply the first filters.

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The Marketing Manager sets the pace for all external thematic campaigns with specific focus on maximizing visibility for music related content for Global Records. allows you to sell your website/domain and buy websites with website hosting. To sell your website or domain, calculate your website price then put the code to your website to attrack your visitors to sell your website/domain and tell them you may sell your website or domain.

Get real-time delivery updates with the free AfterShip app. Spot On Track makes radio data available to you in a clear and easy-to-use interface, including additional statistical data on some of the key radio stations. Is the perfect tool everyone westside lending legit needs, from indie artists to major labels. While to my knowledge, Spotify doesn’t allow for specific playlist suggestions for a track, it is still important to do this research to understand the playlisting landscape and possibilities.

In fact, with all the noise, it may be more important than ever. He top four playlists the song has been in account for 9.1MM streams to date. When the streams from additional smaller playlists are added to that number, playlists are responsible for almost exactly 50% of the the 20MM+ streams to date. Was an interesting project but unfortunately I decided to shut it down as I did not have enough time to dedicate to this project to make it evolve as I wanted.

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