Nudist Beaches of Sitges

Visit as many Barcelona attractions as you wish over 2, 3, 4 or 5 days. Save money while ticking off the most popular Barcelona attractions including Casa Batlló, Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, L’Aquàrium de Barcelona and many more. “Pori sulkee Yyterin nakurannan – lapsiperheet järkyttyneet ‘lieveilmiöistä’ is puerto rico safe to travel alone ” [Pori closes Yyteri beach – families with children shocked by ‘side effects’]. Social nudity places in Slovakia are listed on the website of the “Asociácia Slovenských Naturistov” , a member of the International Naturist Federation. Nudist beaches in Lithuania are overseen by local communities.

One of the great things about the Barcelona city beach is, well, the beach being in the city. In all, if you mean to carry on into the night with drinks then this Barcelona city beach is a fine choice. In fact, Somorrostro Beach is the site of some of Barcelona’s best clubsspecializing in electronic music like Opium, Pacha, and Catwalk. If you don’t like sand, you’ll also be able to use the concrete sun loungers that offer a great view of the harbour.

Playa de las Balmins offers 240 meters of freedom to be as nude as you wish, a beach bar, umbrellas and showers. The hidden coves are protected on either side by rocks, allowing privacy for those who wish to go fully nude. Barcelona city council makes a big effort to keep the sand clean and the seawater clear with 200 people working daily in the summer on beach services. Barcelona’s beaches are cleaned daily early in the morning and the water quality is tested daily and is very high.

There are often beach parties in Barcelona but they are usually small beach parties at the beach bars called chiringuito bars. Barcelona beaches are also a great for fitness activities and the beaches are a year-round favourite for free jogging, skating, walks,bikingand beach volleyball. Our last proposal for you, which is also close to the city of Barcelona, is found in the town of El Prat de Llobregat.Ricarda beach is a coastal area that is popular for going nude. The beaches at the southern end of the city – Sant Sebastia and Barceloneta – are closest to its center and are livelier. As they tend to be more crowded you’ll want to watch out for pick-pockets.

Many beaches in Sicily are topless, and there are also naturist beaches. The rough west coast has lonely beaches and coves for sunbathing. The area is less developed for tourists, so you can enjoy nature. Black sand beach is a beach on the coast South of the Santa Severa Castle. It has historically been frequented by naturists, and since 2021 it has been officially authorized for the practice of naturism. Hawk Cliff, Dalkey, County Dublin, is the first official nudist beach in Ireland.

The Second beach is called Platja d’Aiguadolç and it is another fifteen-minute walk from Playa de las Balmins. It is also a mixed beach, and nudism is again not mandatory. Very often both beaches are confused with each other due to their close proximity, or simply called Playa de las Balmins together. If you are looking for some of the best nudist beaches in Europe, Gran Canaria is the place to be. Most of the beaches in Gran Canaria are open for topless sunbathing and therefore you can look for a great time here.

Here you can explore some great dunes and terrific sunsets that allow you to spend quality time as you relax and unwind. Licking at the Barcelona coastline, Mar Bella is an accessible, semi-urban beach. This beach is especially popular with the youth as many university buildings are situated nearby. It may be challenging to get there, but Playa de Cantarriján is a gem worth traveling for. This family-friendly, clean beach is hardly 200m in length but extremely popular among the locals. Being part of a nature reserve means this beach is bound to be well-preserved for years to come.

The promenades are also always busy with skaters, rollerbladers and cyclists looking to keep fit. And, of course, no beach in Spain would be complete without teams playing a casual beach volleyball match. Manned by lifeguards from June to September, they cater for a growing number of tourists and can be accessed only 20 minutes from the city center. Discover all there is to see and do in the Barcelona off-season.

The little tucked-away area is quite pebbly, but the calm, clear waters and beach bar make this spot entirely worth it. With golden beaches and aquamarine waters, you’ll get to enjoy the best of this country, textile-free. Below are some of the top Spanish nudist resorts and beaches. And what better place to lay bare than on the sunny 4,964 km Spanish coast?

They’ve also got changing rooms and full restroom facilities. Sant Sebastià is great because most people stop walking before they get there. Also, for whatever reason that little bay is protected enough from the waves to keep the water smooth. There aren’t any public lockers on Barcelona beaches, so don’t leave your valuables unattended – and don’t fall asleep on the beach, even if you are using your bag as a pillow. The beaches in Barcelona do have problems with thieves stealing bags, so our advice is to leave valuables in your hotel safe and just take a little cash with you to the beach. The volume of visitors means that the sand is not always as ‘golden’ or ‘white’ as many blogs and guidebooks might claim.

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