No, Microsoft is not spying on you with Windows 10

Google Now has a feature called Now cards, which are recommendations for products, services, and information based on your messages and recent searches. Even if you don’t rely on Google Now too much for recommendations, Google already knows so much about you because at some point you have probably used their products or services. Sure, Apple and Google may have made a show of their commitment to user privacy, with smartphone encryptionand very convincing, public battles with high-profile government agencies. In early 2017, Microsoft unveils a new web-based privacy dashboard that allows you to see and manage the activity data collected by Microsoft services. The dashboard pulls your collected data into one place, allowing you to easily monitor and clear your browsing history, search history, location activity, and Cortana’s Notebook.

Technology infrastructure companies that are building digital storage facilities or data centres in India are petitioning the government to mandate local storage of user data as well as “reciprocity” in cross-border data flows, industry executives told ET. Microsoft tells us, “…However, we do not use what you say in email, chat, video calls or voice mail, or your documents, photos or other personal files to target ads to you.” What is not told is whether this information is being collected or not. The lack of an actual denial has left many concerned that it is indeed being collect, just not being used for those specific purposes. As far as no one being concerned about “everybody doing it,” you are flatly wrong.

Even putting all that aside, patches are like a ticking time bomb. They don’t just protect systems, they alert criminals around the world how to get into unpatched systems. “Going public you can’t just tell the good guys,” Kawaguchi said. “When we release a patch, the bad guys start reverse engineering it immediately. So we always know when growing sees signs amiss study we release that’s the starting gun of a race.” If you have to release a fix anytime before a Patch Tuesday, Kawaguchi said, you ruin somebody’s weekend. Instead of going to a movie, they need to be in the office testing whatever Microsoft has created to make sure it doesn’t somehow lock up something else they have running on their network.

If you are concerned about the data harvesting for advertisement purposes, we do recommend you disable the setting, “let apps use your advertising ID for experiences across apps”. This is located inside the General tab in the Privacy settings . First and foremost, you don’t know which ad networks this data is going to, and you don’t know what their policies are for dealing with this very private information.

Microsoft has come under some criticism for its attitude to homosexuality and Xbox Live. GLAAD weighed in on the controversy as well, supporting the steps that Microsoft has taken over the years to engage the LGBT community. Microsoft was the first company to participate in the PRISM surveillance program, according to leaked NSA documents obtained by The Guardian and The Washington Post in June 2013, and acknowledged by government officials following the leak. The program authorizes the government to secretly access data of non-US citizens hosted by American companies without a warrant.

If you were concerned with ad networkscollecting information from your browsing history, then be aware that Microsoft is taking it to the next level with Windows 10. Microsoft said a Chinese hacking group known as Hafnium, “a group assessed to be state-sponsored and operating out of China,” was behind the hack. The attack exploited holes in Exchange, a mail and calendar server created by Microsoft and used by a broad range of customers.

The nature of any data that may have been taken was never determined. NSO executives argue that, in an unregulated field, they are attempting to construct guardrails. They have touted their appointment of a compliance committee, and told me that they now maintain a list of countries ranked by risk of misuse, based on human-rights indicators from Freedom House and other groups. (They declined to share the list.) NSO also says that customers’ Pegasus systems maintain a file that records which numbers were targeted; customers are contractually obligated to surrender the file if NSO starts an investigation.

That said, sudden battery drainage can indicate a spyware infection. Spyware App NameAvailable for AndroidAvailable for iOSmSpy✔️✔️FlexiSpy✔️✔️PhoneSpector✔️✔️Cocospy✔️✔️Spyic✔️✔️MobileTracker✔️Android Spy✔️MobiStealth✔️✔️Spyera✔️✔️SpyBubble✔️✔️FoneMonitor✔️✔️OpinionSpy✔️You won’t find all these apps directly on your phone. You might find FlexiSpy with a generic icon on your phone under the name SyncManager in the Apps menu, while mSpy can sport a name like IphoneInternalService.

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