No Man’s Sky inventory space how to increase ship inventory, suit inventory, and max out inventory slots

Finally, we have pages on how to reach the centre of the galaxy, how to get Chromatic Metal, and a Journey Milestones list, too. From our experience in the NEXT update so far there’s still no way to actually add to your current upwork ux designer ship’s inventory space. Call it wanton consumerism, but ship storage is instead expanded by simply buying yourself a new one. These upgrades can only be purchased from Exosuit technology merchants at the Space station .

However, if you switch your ownership over to the wreck, you can dismantle all of the upgrades in that wreck and keep the resources they produce for yourself. Some dismantled upgrades cough up valuable stuff, like Gold or Nickel. In No Man’s Sky the Exosuit keeps you safe from enemies and extreme weather conditions.

Then, there is a cargo inventory that also can contain up to 48 slots. Finally, there is a technology section that can have up to 15 slots. The freighter upgrade station on the freighter adds free slots to your freighter. The Multi-tool upgrade station at the Space Station adds free slots to your Multi-tool and also upgrades your Multi-tool Class for free. 2B) The Starship salvage module at the Space Station adds free slots to your Starship and also upgrades your Starship Class for free.

Inventory Redesign – Inventory specialization has been clarified. Upgrades are now confined to technology slots, allowing more space for items and creating more interesting decisions about which upgrades to use. To accompany this, inventory capacity has been dramatically expanded, with storage increased across all inventories from Exosuits to Freighters. Starship inventories come in many sizes ranging from your starter ship’s 15 to a maximum of 48. The only way to increase ship inventory is to get a new ship.

If the game is started with most recipes and blueprints already known, or if they must be earned. Alternatively, players can now choose to create a Custom game where all settings are fully customisable. A dedicated catalogue has been added for gathering stories and information from planetary sites, such as monoliths, plaques, abandoned buildings and more. The Guide, Catalogue and Milestones UI pages have been merged into one unified information portal and given a visual overhaul. Save Renaming – Save data can now be more easily differentiated with an automatic record of the save’s location, and the option to give the save a custom name.

Fixed an issue affecting the first-person camera that could cause the Exosuit backpack to become invisible in the inventory after getting in the starship. Fixed an issue that caused ground collision in the starship to be incorrectly reported as Exosuit damage. Fixed an issue that caused the starship to judder when opening the inventory with the pulse drive active and the starship camera in third person.

These items can be a bit tricky to locate, though, with a bit of RNG involved in locating them across the system. Finding upgrades in Drop Pods is the least efficient way to upgrade your storage space, since it’s entirely dependent on luck. Don’t rely on this method, but if you happen on a Drop Pod, know it’s an option. They start at 10,000 credits, and for each additional slot you purchase, the price will go up by 10,000 more. The first upgrade only costs 5,000 Units, but they will cost more each time you add more space.

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