Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland: Viral dating joke explained

But oddly enough, Tom Holland was being mentioned and congratulated for being a father and having a baby with Nicki Minaj. But it was obviously not true and all just an inside joke shared between thousand of Tom Holland fans. Holland, who’s currently 24-years-old, certainly does not seem a likely match for the 37-year-old Minaj. Even so, stranger matches have been made in the history of Hollywood.

The meme escalated in 2020 when Nicki Minaj announced that she was expecting a baby. Remember the ‘Nicki Minaj is pregnant with Tom Holland’s baby’ memes? Tom Holland and Zendaya have confirmed their relationship as the “Spider-Man” co-stars shared a steamy kiss in Los Angeles on Thursday. Shared memes suggesting Tom used to date James Charles, but is now in love with Nicki.

While some were left confused by the claims, others jumped in to explain that the joke stems from a meme created in April 2019 depicting a love triangle between Minaj, the Spider-Man actor and YouTube star James Charles. Back in 2019, a meme went viral on Twitter that jokingly said Tom was in a relationship with Nicki, and that they were having a baby together. To this day, it’s still one of the funniest Tom Holland memes that the internet has ever blessed us with, but Tom had never addressed it… Many people started playing along with the joke, acting as if Tom really was the father of Nicki’s baby. The news quickly spread, with many fans making hilarious memes alluding to Minaj and Holland dating. While the exciting news was a pleasant surprise for Minaj’s overjoyed fans, another surprising moment came when Spiderman actor Tom Holland became trending in association to the star’s pregnancy.

The actor may be known for his role asSpider-Man, but it appears he has the future in mind. While he’s not a father just yet, the actor leaned into his fans’ joke that he was the dad of rapper Nicki Minaj‘s baby. In July 2020, Tom started trending on Twitter after the “Super Bass” musician announced her pregnancy. Fans started creating memes about the British actor being the father of Nicki’s baby. This prank comes from a viral meme that started in April 2019; consisting of a love triangle between Tom, Nicki and the YouTuber James Charles. Thousands of posts and memes flooded Twitter when Nicki Minaj announced her pregnancy.

As for Holland himself, the actor was last reported to be linked to actress Nadia Parkes. As one fan on Twitter explained, people are joking about Holland and Minaj because people once edited together photos of them as a couple, and the joke apparently stuck. The news came as a total surprise to fans when Minaj shared a photoshoot she’d done, showing off her baby bump — and judging by its size, it looks like she’s pretty far along. Tom further addressed the internet meme about him being a father in March 2021 during an interview with CapitalFM’sThe Capital Evening Show. Nicki, 37, secretly married Kenneth, 42, in October 2019, and the couple have rekindled a romance they had years ago as ‘high school romance‘.

The rapper has not yet revealed whether they are expecting a boy or a girl. Is there anything about Tom Holland that isn’t completely, head-over-heels charming? The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man absolutely smolders as our March 2021 cover star, and the allure doesn’t stop there. In the newest episode of “Explain This,” we asked the 24-year-old British actor to dive into some of his career highlights and, most importantly, what he thinks of all those memes about him on the internet.

In fact, the joke was brought again on social media when Nicki announced her pregnancy. The Tom Holland and Nicki Minaj Romance is a fan-created ship between actor Tom Holland and rapper Nicki Minaj. The ship first went viral in a series of video featuring the two in a love triangle with YouTuber James Charles in April 2019 and again in July 2020 following the announcement of Nicki Minaj’s pregnancy.

A Tom Holland Stan account posted a video, titled “Why did i do this” where they posted fake subtitles on real Tom and Nicki video clips expressing their undying love for each other. On Monday, July 21, the rapper from the classic of our childhood ‘Super Bass‘ revealed that she was pregnant with her first child along with her husband Kenneth Petty, she did this through her 119.4 million followers account on Instagram. The rapper announced that she’s expecting her first child with husband Kenneth Petty, and soon after, the social media site was flooded with jokes about Holland being the father. Nicki Minaj recently showed off her baby bump and announced that she is pregnant. Naturally, fans flooded the comments and tweeted their congratulatory messages.

Fans took to Twitter to share a tale of the love story between Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland. After Nicki Minaj made the pregnancy announcement, English actor Tom Holland started trending on Twitter alongside the star. The memes don’t look like they’re slowing down, and if either Tom or Zendaya address the now-viral video of them kissing, it’s likely that the whole thing will start up all over again.

The page featured fanfiction about the two having a child . The original clip, which went viral, saw a Holland fan account post fake subtitles of the pair expressing their love for one another over real video clips. Continuing the narrative from minerva elementary school the viral meme, people began sharing messages of congratulations to Nicki and Tom and creating memes of their own in response to the news. Of course, Tom was not the father of Nicki’s baby but that didn’t stop people from double checking…

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