Natural Treatment for Lichens Sclerosis

Treatment of lichen sclerosus focuses on relieving symptoms and improving appearance. Treatment of lichen sclerosus options includes topical medications, phototherapy and systemic treatments. If you have symptoms of lichen sclerosus, make an appointment with your health care provider. You may be referred to a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions .

Steroid ointment clobetasol is commonly prescribed for lichen sclerosus. At first you’ll need to apply the ointment to the affected skin twice a day. After several weeks, your health care provider will likely suggest that you use it only twice a week to prevent symptoms from returning.

Hi trish, you need to look at dilators, you can get them online. They have to be used regularly to keep the vagina open for intercourse, otherwise everything shrinks and recedes. Jay, why don’t you try a series of 30 minute sitz baths using 1 tablespoon of borax washingn powder in the water, You could even throw in some baking powder if you wanted to. The borax is a powerfull fungicide, bacteria-cide, parasite-ide….. Maybe throw in some hydrogen peroxide into the sitz bath also. I found Christine Kent from Whole Woman and she as suggested honey, the size of a pea, down there with red clover tea.

Lichen sclerosus is most common in womenafter menopausewhen oestrogen levels drop, but it can also affect pre-pubescents where it usually resolves before menstruation. It can also affect men, typically involving the head of the penis. For instance, some evidence suggests a genetic predisposition in some people, for whom the condition may be triggered by injury or trauma to the affected area. YES OB is a luxurious natural lubricant made with rich, nourishing oils and butters. It provides long-lasting moisturization, especially during intercourse. YES OB is compatible with silicone toys and dilators.

I suffered from pain/soreness etc on my clitoris and used the Clob twice a day for about a week before it went. Have you looked at the ‘experiment with borax’ thread…I’m wondering if anyone has had good results from spraying their clitoris with a mix of borax…hopefully someone else might chime in. Over time, the spots can spread and merge together to form large white plaques. The skin of the vulva or anus may eventually turn very pale and shiny, and become fragile, thin and crinkly or scarred and thickened. Some patches of skin may become inflamed and raw and may eventually split. Sore or cracked vulval skin is more prone to vaginal infections.

The disease tends to occur most often in young adults. There is also a 5 percent risk that vulvar lichen sclerosus can develop into a type of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. If your lichen sclerosus turns into squamous cell carcinomas, they may resemble red lumps, ulcers, or crusted areas. Cancer may be more likely if the disease is not controlled.

ACV on a damp cotton swab, dab onto vagina labial and pat dry then apply a mix of baking soda with coconut oil, relieved the itch and burning sensation. how to clean a dvd that won t play I stopped the estrogen cream as I suspect this occurred shortly after I started. I don’t want to start the steroid cream, as it causes more problems.

Three prepubertal girls and 3 adults were treated with 0.1% tacrolimus ointment once daily. All patients experienced complete resolution with long-lasting remission for up to 1 year. No major adverse effects were observed, and treatment was well tolerated.

Also, try to limit your sun exposure by wearing protective clothing when outdoors. You may also want to consider using a sunscreen every day even though you’re indoors most of the time. Finally, talk to your doctor about birth control methods that don’t contain estrogen. They could potentially cause irritation to your mucosal membranes. They’ll also do a physical exam and look at the affected areas. In many cases, they’ll be able to diagnose lichen sclerosus on appearance alone, though they may take a skin biopsy for a definite diagnosis.

In the second 9-year-old girl , pain on defecation disappeared within the first 2 months, and complete resolution including the perineal protrusion occurred within 7 months. In both men, tacrolimus ointment induced complete clearing after 10 months. Various treatment regimens have been designed to improve management of symptomatic oral lichen planus but permanent cure is not yet possible. Turmeric is dried rhizome of the perennial herbs curcumalonga.

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