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Shakira, thanks for sharing that with me and the others here too. I think these are all valuable lessons learned and that’s why reading reviews on lenders is tantamount to making a decision to borrow money in the first place. The reality is that National Funding won’t help you when the chips are down.

The equity investors will lose what stock they thought they owned. Exactly the type of lender I’m searching out. Great customer service, personable service and amazing communication. They have all the trappings of a high functioning organization.

Most likely, if you have a few years under your belt and a 700 FICO score, you’ll probably get approved. To apply, get approved and get access to the capital shouldn’t take any longer than two weeks and you’ll likely pay around 10%-15% APR for the funds. While we’ve used National Funding in the past for both equipment leases hlpc finance llc jobs and working capital loans, we really do feel like there are other and better options out there. These loans are referred to as capita advances and don’t appear on your personal credit. A year ago I started on a 60 month term with monthly payments from National Funding. Much easier to work around than daily or weekly options.

They will work with you and give you payment reprieve. Valuable lesson to learn when it comes to saving your own a$$. They’re tied to Cardiff through Ruben Goldstein, Cardiff’s VP of Commercial Finance. I prefer working with them over National Funding. I’m sure they do great, but I think for me, it’s like Coke vs Pepsi. Wasn’t approved for anything but at least the National application was free.

Payments are withdrawn from a company’s bank account via an automated clearing house on a monthly basis for the duration of the terms. Merchants may choose to pay more than the monthly minimum if cash flow allows. Essentially, a “small business loan” through National Funding is a working capital loan or cash advance, intended for short-term needs.

A contract with FEDEX Home for the final mile. Is National Funding the type of lender that can extend equipment financing and leasing on this order. Generally, we have to finance with a new lender for every piece we buy because they have limits on their exposure. If I had to estimate, we’ll need access to roughly $350K to take down the trailers, a couple of power units and possibly some Mercedes Sprinters/Ford Transit 350s. On the contrary, National Funding primarily makes merchant cash advance loans or working capital loans. National Funding reviews, but nothing really jumps out of the page regarding their experience with franchise finance equipment leasing or working capital lending.

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