National Funding Small Business Loans: 2022 Review

Many reviews focus on how helpful the lender is with approving applicants who’ve gotten rejected by traditional lenders. Others praise the smooth and intuitive application process and that funding can be fast. First, National Funding charges higher interest and additional fees than many alternative lenders.

Short-term loans generally don’t have interest rates in the traditional sense. Instead, you’ll be charged a flat fee for the funding, usually a percentage of the borrowed amount. National Funding is a small business funding company — and an equipment leasing company — fully committed to helping the small business owner prosper and our community win. National Funding serves the small business community nationwide by offering a range of financial services and products. National Funding offers equipment financing and leasing to help businesses access equipment without compromising their existing capital.

You’ll need to apply for a loan and receive an offer to get the exact quote. However, you can always decline the loan offer if you’re unhappy with the terms. Read more about our top picks for the best startup business loans and see which is best for you. Borrowing costs for National Funding loans range from 15% to 30% of the loan amount, with an average borrowing cost of 26%, according to the company.

It also features a relatively quick application process, and there are multiple channels through which you can contact its representatives. However, its biggest drawback is that its maximum credit line is $100,000, which may not make it suitable for larger, more established businesses. Another thing to note is that term lengths are very short, between 12 and 24 weeks. In the case of a business loan, repayments on debt are made daily with a fixed amount deducted from your account via an automated clearing house . In the case of MCA, repayment is made by holding back a percentage of your daily credit card revenue with no fixed repayment term. I think I saw something that said “commercial truck financing 0 down – 72 months.” Well, I clicked it and it took me down a rabbit hole.

National Funding’s short-term loans are unsecured business loans, meaning no specific collateral is necessary. You will, however, need to sign a personal guarantee, meaning the funder can go after your personal assets if you default on your loans. Instead of paying interest, the company charges you a one-time fee that is based on a percentage of the amount you borrow. In the case of National Funding, the fee typically falls between 17%-36% of the amount you borrow.

They deduct repayments every day from your account and at times, it can be too discouraging even, especially when it’s a bad business day. The term length is short just as I was comfortable atlcapbkself and the interest is 8% which is a lot but better than what banks and other lenders were offering. For medical and dental offices, new equipment means better patient care.

Depending on the answer you select, you’ll get preapproved or see a page explaining why you’ve been declined. National Funding has a stellar User Reviews rating of 4.6, which is reflective of the independent user reviews posted on Trustpilot. Borrowers may receive a decision and funding within 24 hours. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page.

The simple application process also translates into quicker decisions. Most people who apply get a decision within 24 hours. Short-term loans provide a lump sum of cash that can be used for a wide variety of business expenses.

Companies such as National Funding are usually more concerned with the amount of money you’re making in revenue than with your credit history. National Funding takes every opportunity to help strengthen small business owners. We also take every opportunity to help strengthen small business owners.

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