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A cinema hall which provides redefining movie going experience. Get reviews of the latest theatrical releases every week, right in your inbox every Friday. With their parents’ approval, Nithya and Arun fix their marriage. Darshana attends the wedding reception but finds herself unable to come to terms with the fact Arun can no longer be hers and leaves in tears. Arun and Nithya get married and live happily thereafter. Three years later, Nithya gives birth to a baby boy.

‘Hridayam’s satellite rights went to Asianet and OTT rights to Hotstar. During Valentine’s day week, the film will be there in theatres. Even after the OTT release, it won’t be removed undergroundcellar com reviews from the theatre. If you want to watch the overall beauty of the film, you need to see it in a theatre. Make sure you don’t miss out on the visual experience of the film.

I was curious to see how a filmmaker like Vineeth Sreenivasan would handle him. The Darshana song had already given us a faint glimmer of hope. I’m happy to report that Pranav delivers in spades. Pranav gets the transformation — from flawed and rebellious to mature and responsible — right. He also excels in those little moments where we meet minor characters who make a strong impact regardless of their screentime.

In that instant, you wish that things got better for him too. You’ll get your answer in the film’s third act. Nobody does feel good like Vineeth Sreenivasan. Pranav’s character can be termed a perfect archetype of Malayali engineering students, who attempt to chart their own path in campus and life, after a brief initial phase of conforming to the popular trend. Yes, they start on the beaten track, but realizes halfway through that this is not what they want.

Please abide by our community guidelines for posting your comments. Hridayam might not stir your soul, but Vineeth has delivered enough to keep you entertained, which is no mean task when you have a runtime close to three hours. Though there is still room for improvement, Pranav has certainly come a long way from his initial solo outings, in which even his parkour skills could not make up for the lack of expressions. Here, he is much more assured and comfortable, managing to carry the film for a good part, even though Darshana steals the show whenever she gets an opportunity. Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community.

After ‘Aadhi’ I told Vineeth if he is ever planning a project with Pranav, he should let me know. My grandfather and Pranav’s grandfather were great friends, and we are all on great terms to this day. ‘Hridayam’ has given a new lease of life to Merryland Studios. It seems ironic that another film with a slightly similar name, ‘Hridayathinte Nirangal’ was their last film when they shut shop in 1979.

The movie is quite long at 172 mins of running time and could have been trimmed further for a better impact, especially in the second half. Also, there are stretches where one might feel that the story comes across as a bit too familiar and simplistic, especially for those who have completed campus life in the early 2000s. The trajectory that Arun’s life takes, from campus romance and discovery of the ideal career, to that of a family man, is sometimes a bit too convenient. While life places new challenges before him, one can’t sense much of an evolution within him, though there are a few dialogues that try to paint a changed man’s picture.

For the last three weeks, there is only ‘Hridayam’ in theatres. It was after seeing the financial mess of theatre owners that I decided to release it in theatres. Hridayam feels like a novel that charts a character’s growth from one specific part of his life to another. Vineeth Sreenivasan is not going for the typical conflict-resolution format. He has written the film like a collection of conflict-resolution episodes, with the pre-interval portions covering Arun’s college life and the other half exploring his post-college experiences.

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