Most Valuable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT Toys Price Guide

Several years later, they go for much higher on the secondary market. It’s tough to even find a listing, and the ones that do go up for sale go fast. Marking the beginning of what fans could expect from First Gokin’s “NT” line of Ninja Turtle homage figures, Cerebral is an impressive interpretation of the cyborg exo-suit piloted by the brain-sized mutantKrang . The figure features a remarkably detailed design and rich color scheme application, which justifies the $400 price this figure sells for today.

The original series was virtually ignored by collectors as being too juvenile and too plentiful as many of the figures were still readily available even as long as 4-5 years after their release. The subsequent animated show ran for 10 seasons and 194 episodes until 1996. The accompanying Playmates line likewise comprised of hundreds of figures, many of which had clever articulation, crazy, stylized and detailed sculpts, colorful, outlandish accessories or action features. This means that the only thing we can say with certainty for the LOOSE TMNT figures is that any “soft” headed figures with a Macau COO will been among the very first produced followed by the China COO “soft” heads.

Not surprisingly, there aren’t any other figurines for this character. This one didn’t sell well, probably because the character Burne Thompson is just a normal human journalist without any special powers. His action figure came with a television, cell phone, megaphone, press pass and sword sandwich— not exactly the exciting fare expected from TMNT fans. Even with the silliest of concepts, Playmates managed to create some intriguing and fun figure designs for children.

Standard Turtle Blimp playsets often sell for more than $1000 even when they’re incomplete, so even if you don’t have a rare one, you’re still sitting on one of the holy grails of TMNT toys. It hits the number one spot, but the law of diminishing returns is in full effect. Playmates, once again releases a line of movie tie-in figures in samurai armour. The animated show persisted for three more years, the toy line for five, focusing on wacky re-imagining of the central four. The movie’s sequel; Secret of the Ooze emerges less than a year later.

Rowling’s story that kicked off the Harry Potter phenomenon have sold for up to $6,500. Score one for Gryffindor if you find a signed copy, which adds to the value, like this one selling for $15,000. Before we were obsessed with smite season 3 our cell phones, we whiled away the hours on Nintendo’s handheld game system, which was first released in the U.S. in 1989. These days, Game Boys go for hundreds, and possibly even more depending on the make and condition.

As a result, the soft head action figures are quite rare nowadays. For those who love science, a marble run set might help you pique a child’s interest in physics and engineering. Despite being produced in mass quantities, TMNT action figures also command a pretty penny for toys still sealed in their original packaging.

A fourth movie was released in 2007 and then two more in 2014 and 2016. With the introduction of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in mid 2018, a new action figure line was introduced. In a truth-is-stranger-than-fiction twist, an urban legend that Atari had buried hundreds of its game cartridges in the New Mexico desert in 1983 turned out to be true. In all, 881 recovered cartridges were sold, totaling $107,000 in proceeds. Individually, the more rare and popular games can go for hundreds of dollars on eBay.

In addition to that, Laird has also revealed that the reason why the Turtles have names based on Renaissance artists was that the duo couldn’t come up with convincing Japanese names.

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