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Roberto Clemente, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, and Willie Mays were the first non-mascot bobbleheads created. Incidentally, Robinson was the first Spurs bobblehead to take the court as a home game giveaway. In a March 2001 game against the Los Angeles Clippers, the Spurs gave out 3,000 lil’ Robinsons to ticket-holders whose special numbered voucher matched the number that the Spurs Coyote drew at center court. A limited edition 2003 NBA Champions Legends of the Court bobblehead of David Robinson sold on eBay for about $120 in the past year. Limited Edition – Usually a rare retail offering with production that could limit it to 100 or less copies. The most valuable of these bobbleheads are regularly oversized and occasionally signed.

Add to that its history of changing hands in the ensuing 150 years, and the anonymous Sotheby’s buyer ended up with a $9.5 million treasure. In 2021, the stamp’s current owner, shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, sold the stamp for $8.3 million (along with four “Inverted Jenny” stamps for $4.9 million) with plans to give the proceeds to charity. Somehow 20 of the coins survived and are hot items when they come up for auction. It can be difficult to assess the record for a Star Wars collectible, since they’re often lumped in with actual movie props.

“Others were smashed by baseball bats.” Years ago a nodder expert I interviewed told me boys with BB guns used these “artistic masterpieces,” his words, for target practice. I admire Hattley’s s finesse unpacking and repacking each of his dozens of dolls at the White Plains baseball card show he and I attend without causing any harm. Over the next few years, the resurgence was in full-swing and bobblehead giveaways became a common sight for baseball fans, with multiple giveaways each season. They are also a staple of minor league teams and many other sports have gotten in on the bobblehead boom.

This 2018 eBay auction item has to be up there, nearly $45,000 for a Darth Vader figure, still in the original box from Kenner’s toy line one year after the film became a sensation. A Vinyl Cape Jawa was once listed for $53,000, but didn’t sell for that price, though one did sell for £21,600 ($27,998) most valuable bobbleheads in 2017, according to BBC News. Decades after the world moved on to DVD and Blu-ray Disc, some people still collect VHS tapes. Disney’s Black Diamond editions of its animated films are among the most sought after, and a pair of “Beauty and the Beast” tapes sold for $9,000 on eBay in 2018.

Spurs guard Dejounte Murray’s bobblehead is slated to bop into the AT&T Center April 1 as part of a giveaway. The G.I. Joes you played with in your backyard probably wouldn’t qualify, but the very first G.I. Joe ever made sold for $200,000in a private deal after a Heritage Comics auction in 2003. OK, so the postcards you pick up in gas stations on the road probably won’t be worth much. But the first postcard believed to be ever sent, mailed by Theodore Hook to himself in 1840, fetched £31,758.75 ($45,370.60) in 2002, setting a Guinness Record for the postcard sale.

The most readily accessible Secretariat bobble, the prancing edition was produced in conjunction with the Bronze statue unveiling at the Kentucky Horse Park, primarily for wholesale and retail sales. Approximately 7″ long by 5″ tall, 12,500 were produced featuring Secretariat with a black saddlecloth wearing 1A signifying his Kentucky Derby victory. This edition did not come with any corresponding certificate card. Like all Secretariat bobbleheads, the prancing edition sold-out, and has now attained a very collectible status in its own right with prices reaching $175 or more. The prancing bobble is the only edition that was originally offered with the option of being signed directly on its base by Mrs. Chenery. Only about 150 were signed in this manner and their collectible value increases dramatically as in any Secretariat memorabilia actually signed by an original Meadow Stable team member.

“The stories behind the bobbleheads are important,” Sklar says. Every now and then, they’d pick up non-sports bobbleheads, but that part of the collection really took off in 2015, when they bought a large inventory of Funko bobbleheads from a retiring dealer. Because of the larger edition number, this edition is more readily available with secondary market prices for excellent condition pieces currently in the lower triple figures. We expect this edition to continue to increase in value on the secondary market over the next several years.

The 1964 Beatles dolls were sold individually and not as a set, but we included them together in this tied spot because they sold for the exact same amount. The Doom Marine Bobblehead can be found in the Gearhead Vault. This obvious reference to the Doom game series can be obtained in the secret Doom room located in the Gearhead Vault that will become available upon receiving the quest “Gearhead Vault”.

(40 cm.) high overall sold for $35,925 at auction on May 20, 2010. Ask bobblehead collectors and they consistently give the nod to the same four players. Spurs guard Keldon Johnson’s bobblehead didn’t arrive in time for its March 18 giveaway at the AT&T Center to the first 10,000 fans, so ticket-holders received a voucher to claim it at a later date.

This was mostly due to a limited Willie Mays giveaway by the San Francisco Giants during the 1999 season to honor the 40th anniversary of Candlestick Park. Stamp collecting is a popular hobby, the value of such items determined by their scarcity and history. In 1856, a postmaster in British Guiana ran out of stamps. A local newspaper printed some emergency stamps and this is the only known surviving 1-Cent Magenta today.

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