Montana Silversmiths Men’s Montana State Heritage Attitude Belt Buckle

The natural aged color is usually desirable on all variety of collectibles and antiques, including belt buckles. pink pumpkin meaning Cleaning your buckle can reduce the value significantly. Brock Lane is an ecommerce entrepreneur and M.S.

This belt buckle was originally plated with brass over pewter, but after years of daily wear the plating is heavily tarnished and wearing off. It took a couple of years to sell this buckle for $12 with free shipping. If your belt buckle is made from a nice material and by a famous artist, but it has severe scratches and heavy tarnish—don’t expect to get a big payday. As with any vintage goods, the condition of a belt buckle matters a lot.

The clear protective coating adds to its shine while making it last for years. With a standard 1.5″ belt swivel, this is a piece you can expect to wear with your favorite belts for years. Metals like brass and sterling silver will darken over time and that helps to indicate whether a belt buckle is vintage or modern. You might see or hear terms such as patina or verdigris . This simply refers to the natural process of oxidation over time. You might be tempted to clean or remove the tarnish from your buckle — don’t!!

He operates multiple shops on Etsy, eBay, and Shopify and maintains an inventory of over 5,000 rare and unique belt buckles, leather belts, and other goods. He leverages his sales history and professional background as an to write about trends in online retail marketplaces. An extensive collection of award belt buckles featuring distinctive design elements and options to personalize with figure and logo motifs, stones, and lettering.

Sorry, this item isn’t available to pickup at any store near you today. Great selection of Horser Spurs, custom hand made silver spurs. We have a wide selection of custom made silver western … If a range of estimates is given on each lot with a low and a high estimate. Estimates should not be relied on as a prediction of the actual selling or resale price. A 15% buyer’s premium will be added to the hammer price on each lot sold.

Have any questions about this item? The “Sally” buckle on the left has more vivid and richer color caused by the aging of brass. The “Rudy” buckle on the right has been polished with steel wool which removes the patina. Buyers usually prefer the richer aged color. Shipping dates can vary depending on seasonal demand, selected style and parts inventory.

Order by 1 pm to receive same-day delivery otherwise it will be delivered the next business day. We’ve partnered with Boot Barn to offer free Ship to Store Pickup. Select the option to get $25 off your next purchase of $75 or more at Offer will be sent by email after the order is confirmed.

Packaging — This nickel silver belt buckle will arrive in an gift box, ready for presentation or gift giving. Based on the first 100 of 866 results for “montana silversmith buckles”. I recommend that you start by figuring out the manufacturer or artist of your belt buckle before trying to determine age. In many cases, this will narrow down the time frame considerably if you know when the manufacturer was in business and most active.

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