Moment Colorado contractor takes sledgehammer to newly remodeled bathroom, claiming he wasn’t paid

We have been in this industry for 10+ years and take great pride in our work. We do a wide range of services anything from drywall, painting, flooring, tile; you name it! Give us a call for any questions with your home projects. Basecamp Builders is a custom home builder and remodeling contractor for the Colorado mountain communities of Grand County. In addition to being one of Colorado’s best custom home builders, we specialize in building additions to mountain homes, ski chalets and log homes.

Colorado Homes & Design, located in the Denver Metro area and serving mid to high-end homeowners and remodeling professionals, offers a better way to improve your flooring. Incredibly detailed and thorough, our dedicated team is here to serve all your flooring needs. Colorado Homes & Design offers a better way to improve your bathroom renovation with our four-step, full-service experience.

Homeowners still have the right to pursue legal action — and compensation — for poor or substandard work. Trucke told her contractors from Dream Home Remodel of Colorado she wasn’t pleased with gas line supplies dyersburg tn the work and had asked to have her shower door installed. “This was just that perfect opportunity to do something amazing with other amazing local tile contractors,” McDaniels told KRDO.

A new or updated home is nice to have, but we feel that it should go beyond that – your home should be a reflection of who you are and your personal sanctuary. For over 15 years, Forge & Bow Dwellings has been helping homeowners rediscover and redefine their definition of what “home” means to them by pushing the boundaries of innovative and intentional home design. Whether you’re imagining what your home might look like or charting a construction schedule, our team of certified professionals is at your service. Trucke said that, later that day, she sought advice from members of a Facebook group for DIY enthusiasts about whether the renovation was up to scratch.

We did an entire bathroom remodel, chased down plumbing issues and fixed them, crawled through an asbestos-filled attic and wired ceiling fans and more for her,’ she wrote. In a lot of cases, home owners don’t need much convincing to start a renovation or remodeling project. Below are just a few good reasons to get that remodeling project kicked off and completed.

Home remodeling projects can be very disruptive, stressful and unsafe—especially if you have pets or small children. This might mean you ask a family member to pet-sit while the renovation is underway. Maybe one parent temporarily moves out with the kids to keep them safe from noise, debris and dust. Or, perhaps the entire family—pets included—stay at a hotel until it’s safe to move back in. The goal is to make the process as stress-free as possible. If you had to move out during the renovation, or you’re selling your old home while updating the new house, be sure to plan for the possibility of extended time out of the house.

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