Molluscum Contagiosum- How we got rid of it for good!

But often food isn’t enough, especially if you have a fussy eater. That’s where a high-quality supplement can come in handy. There are not many pharmaceutical options available for molluscum. Doctors will usually advise you to let the virus run its course, because it will go away eventually. But it is an unsightly infection, and in some children, it could linger for many months. The International Journal of Aromatherapy featured a case study in 2004 by Rhiannon Harris .

1to 2 drops of Lemon myrtle oil added to a cup of warm water can serve as an excellent gargle for fresh breath and for helping with raw throats. Using 2 drops of this oil in your diffuser or in bath can give you a long-lasting feeling of freshness. This worked so well for my 6 year olds molluscum and cleared raw remedies it up within two weeks! I wish that I had known about it when I went through this with my older son when he had this. My 7yr old son really likes the smell and doesn’t mind me rolling it on his bumps. However, putting it on him 4 times a day is quite the feat so it hasn’t worked as fast for us.

Molluscum is highly contagious, both in terms of spreading to other parts of the body and to other children. Most adults tend to have natural immunity, as they will have been exposed to the infection at a young age. My 5-year-old daughter was diagnosed by a dermatologist as having Molluscum warts.

Solid waste residues from the extraction of essential oils are projected to increase and need to be treated appropriately. Valorization of waste via pyrolysis can generate value-added products, such as chemicals and energy. The characterization of lemon myrtle residues highlights their suitability for pyrolysis, with high volatile matter and low ash content.

Make sure to practice good hygiene and take other preventive measures to avoid allowing the infection to spread or recur. People who wish to try either of these treatments should speak with their doctor. A doctor may prescribe medications to treat the bumps. If children pick at the bumps, this can cause them to spread further . You can also add 2 drops of this oil to your vaporizing ointment and gently massage onto your chest, back, forehead and throat for relieving from congestion and easing difficulties in breathing. Respiratory problems in general spoil your sleep at night, adding 2 drops of Lemon myrtle oil in hot bath especially before bed will help in promoting peaceful sleep at night.

Staying away from people who are undergoing chemotherapy or have reduced immune function for another reason, as they are more likely to contract the virus. Scratching or picking at the bumps will cause the virus to spread to surrounding areas of skin. Once the bumps disappear, the virus is no longer contagious. Apple cider vinegar is a popular home remedy, although there is a lack of research to confirm its effectiveness. Use a clean cotton swab to apply raw apple cider vinegar to areas of itching or tingling skin. Keep the swab in place for several hours with a bandage.

It can also affect adults who are sexually active with multiple partners. Molluscum contagiosum should go away on its own with time if you leave it alone. But if the virus persists or becomes severe then visit a doctor. This might mean that your immune system is not functioning properly and that an underlying health issue may be involved. Let your doctor know about any risk factors that apply to you. Avoid close contact with other people while bumps are visible to prevent the virus from affecting others.

To make a colloidal oatmeal bath, add 1 cup of oatmeal to a tub of lukewarm water. According to research, molluscum contagiosum will have a significant impact on the quality of life of approximately 1 in 10 children with this condition. After a doctor diagnoses a child with molluscum, the bumps will usually go away on their own. This process could take anywhere from a few months to a year. The fresh, citrusy aroma of Lemon myrtle oil will never let you down for the entire day if you wear 1 drop of this oil on your wrist or add 2 drops in your refreshing bath in the morning. You can also add 1 drop to your hanky or add few drops to your deodorant to combat body odor.

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