Mole Astrology Meaning & Importance of Moles on Body Parts

Finding a mole on your behind means a sheltered life blessed with good fortune. Located slightly lower at the back of the thighs, this mole tells of one who is very knowledgeable and intelligent. This is a person who can be depended upon. A mole on your buttocks is an excellent indicator of intelligence, wisdom and creativity.

Many moles – people with numerous moles run a greater risk of developing malignant melanoma. A mole on the thigh gives a warm, enthusiastic temperament. Mole on the right thigh denotes prosperity three dots in a triangle symbol and a happy marriage. Mole on the left thigh is a warning of loss of money, injustice and loneliness; the warmth and frankness of their personality will be met with many rebuffs.

Some may develop a small stalk, and gradually wear off. Older people tend to have seborrheic keratoses. These are not moles; they may look like them, but they are blemishes.

It may also occur in women who are taking birth control pills or postmenopausal estrogen. Melasma may go away after pregnancy, but if it remains, it can be treated with certain prescription creams and some over-the-counter skin care products. In addition, lasers that target pigment can be helpful.

A mole on the inside curvature of your arm suggests that it is hard for you to get recognition for the hard work you do. Getting the results you want could be elusive. A mole on this part of the arm suggests that you need to work hard for everything you get. You could also be involved in a very physical kind of work.

Here’s how to tell the two apart, and how they’re treated. Also, don’t apply an over-the-counter wart treatment or other medicinal cream without your doctor’s recommendation. Skin irritation and other complications may occur. Syphilis is a potentially serious STI that can cause open sores to form on and around your penis in the early stages of the disease.

While most congenital nevi are harmless, they can occasionally become cancerous. Giant congenital nevi carry the highest risk. Keep in mind that surgery isn’t a guarantee against cancer. Fifty percent of melanomas found in people with giant congenital nevi occur elsewhere on the body. In addition, the estimated lifetime risk of melanoma for a person born with a giant nevus varies from 5 to 10 percent. A common mole is usually smaller than about 5 millimeters wide (about 1/4 inch, the width of a pencil eraser).

Birthmarks and other skin pigmentation disorders affect many people. Some of the most common problems are listed below. If you think you have one of these pigmentation abnormalities, be sure to see a physician or dermatologist to receive an official diagnosis. These may help to improve the appearance of lighter-colored nevi. Phenol and trichloroacetic acid are common chemicals used in peels.

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