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A place where you can make all of the weapons and tools next to the heat of the forge? Well, in that case, you should consider this floor design so you don’t just have a simple stone floor under you. This design uses Basalt, Blast Furnaces, and Smithing Tables to create a very nice pattern. These were the top 10 floor designs for Minecraft that you can use to do up your foundation. Most of them are quite simple to create and some are quite difficult.

By combining stone, stone brick, and cobblestone, players can create the look of a sturdy and rustic stone floor. This design works especially well when used as an outside walkway or as a castle base. The block variance looks much more appealing than a repeating collection of the same stone block.

I thought a really cool design was when you place down oak wood logs and then put in birch wood logs except facing side to side. Then again, most of what I build is castles, and they just need stone bricks everywhere. Don’t forget to think of other blocks as flooring and walling. Sometimes I use furnaces as floors and note blocks as walls.

Lime glazed terracotta is great for a royal-looking floor, while red glazed terracotta is great for a fancy carpet. Orange-glazed terracotta is great for german wood carver a beach-hut floor, or the floor for a party place. Wood is one of the most common materials used for floors in Minecraft, as well as floors in real life.

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This means that overall, you will need 24 irons and Redstones. You will also need a beehive, which requires three honeycombs. Patterned floors use two or more blocks to create some sort of design in the floor.

Suburban House by RizzialRizzial’s easy to follow video walkthrough shows you how to put together a picturesque suburban house, complete with attached garage. It reminds me quite a bit of the Simpsons house, which I hasten to add is a compliment. It’s a great build for those who want their home to be less magnificent and more quirky, understated, and subtly attractive. Fantasy House by Minecraft Fantasy BuildsThe aptly named Minecraft Fantasy Builds channel put together a video on how to build their grand fantasy house from start to finish. The roofing is particularly good on this build in my opinion.

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This just goes to show that the best Minecraft floor designs can use the simplest of materials to create something memorable. Contrasting colors are ones that seem opposite in the color spectrum. Obsidian is dark enough a blue that it contrasts well with snow. Likewise, the darker spruce wood contrasts well with white wool, snow, or things of that color.

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