Meet Darcy, ‘the most famous hedgehog in the world’

Seems like it was a part of Pokee’s otherworldly masterplan to send this little friend to Talitha’s life at just the perfect time. Herbee was adopted from a girl, who couldn’t keep him due to an extreme allergic reaction. And it was meant to be – Talitha became a hog mom for a second time! Although they are not related, Herbee seems to have Mr. Pokee’s modeling talents with his sweet poses and funny expressions, especially when put into quirky scenarios. Related hashtags to hedgehog that have the most posts we could find.

Biddy can travel to Washington, where he was born, but he can’t go south to California. “Between all the serious things going on in this world I wanted to give people a reason to smile – even if just for a little while,” she writes. As part of your account, you’ll receive occasional updates and offers from New York, which you can opt out of anytime.

But for me, I think it will always be something I do on the side. Sometimes it’s super-lucrative and then other times you don’t hear anything for months, so that’s not great securitywise. With 1.5 million followers, Pokee was a true petfluencer among the Instagram hedgehogs setting the standards of what joy and ‘living to the fullest’ should look like. Unfortunately, lovely Mr. Pokee passed away in March due to bacteria after his dental surgery at almost 4 years old.

On Instagram, Hannigan said, people don’t see “the really gross stuff.” One of her rescues, an ornery old hedgehog named Bingo, came to her with a hair wrapped around his rear right leg, which had to be amputated. Another one, Oliver—who, on closer examination, turned out to be Olivia—had a prolonged mite infection that claimed many of her quills. When we first spoke, she was at her office in Chicago, where she manages condominiums. She had 10 hedgehogs living in her apartment, which was many more than she wanted but fewer than her all-time record of 17. “I would love to be less busy,” she told me. But when I tapped the blue Follow button, I was surprised to see Instagram drop down a menu full of other hedgehog influencers I might enjoy.

The eight-ounce hedgehog’s new-found fame arrived after mentions and online links on popular websites Cute Overload, Buzzfeed and Weibo, the Chinese Twitter. Last week, he boasted more than 27,000 Instagram followers. He relaxed in a hollowed-out pineapple and sniffed around a patch of daisies while wearing a tiny sombrero. He reclined in Girnus’ palm in front of an Alpine meadow, comically splaying his legs and wearing a goofy, effervescent smile, like Pokee would have done.

Sign up and make sure you are always on top of the most important info for you and your pets. If you like what you see here, make sure to check out Sarrah’s sister and brothers on her Instagram account, as well. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Girnus says the three of them happily went on hiking trips, picnics, and even stayed in their fair share of animal-friendly hotels. ‘He’s great, a lot of time I’ll take him out to cuddle with me while I watch TV or he’ll go with me to the park. Carolyn revealed she always tries to snap Huff pulling funny faces but claimed it takes time to get the perfect shot. Biddy’s future adventures will only be limited by his passport.

Much of Hannigan’s work is ferrying African pygmy hedgehogs back and forth to her local exotic vet. “They’re little cancer factories,” she said. Around half of middle-aged hogs have some sort of tumorous growth. (Hannigan recently decided to “let her cross the bridge.”) The species is also prone to a disease called—and yes, this is its real name—wobbly hedgehog syndrome.

For now, the threesome are grounded from travel like the rest of us, but Girnus is still hoping the account brings both a smile to people’s faces and a sense of wonderment for the world around. The white bellied hedgehog, called Mr Pokee, is owned by marketing student Talitha Girnus, 26, from Wiesbaden, who regularly uploads new images of the pet she takes on outings around Germany. She added that sharing pictures of Huff, whose full name is Hodge Huffington, makes her smile as she struggles with seasonal depression.

There was Koala, who wears glasses and poses in elaborate backdrops made to look like scenes from Harry Potter. There was Wilbert, who does hedgehog ASMR by munching worms in front of a mini microphone. Maybe Girnus’s many written tributes to Pokee fell victim to Instagram’s layout, which makes falcon garments it easy to scroll past long columns of text. Hailing from Japan, he has amassed a following of over 200,000 and proves that Instagram-famous dogs are so 2016. Don’t worry, his feed is full of the usual themed photo shoots… But they’re super refreshing, because, well, he’s a hedgehog.

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